Netizens have been keeping tabs on Milo Kielty, thanks to his parents. His mother is Cat Deeley, an English actress and television presenter; his father is Patrick Kielty, an Irish television personality and comedian. Milo was born in 2016; when he was born, his parents argued about what to name him. While in the hospital, the child was called Baby Deeley, which angered Patrick.

Milo’s mother felt like she was the one who was supposed to give the name of the child. Milo Kielty stayed for a week without an official name, but with the arrival of Cat Deeley’s mother, she talked to them and told them to reach an agreement. The following day they agreed on Milo. Cat Deeley even thought Patrick would file for divorce.

Where Does His Family Live?

At first, Milo’s family was living in Los Angeles, California. Milo’s mother sold her mansion in Beverley Hills and returned to her home country, the UK, where she lives with her family. Milo’s father used to operate between London and Los Angeles, and it started becoming tedious, so Cat Deeley relocated to the UK.

Milo has probably started his education in the United Kingdom, but his parents have not mentioned which school he attends.

How Milo Kielty’s Parents Met

Cat Deeley and Patrick Kielty met in 2002 when co-presenting the reality competition Fame Academy. Given they were working together, they became friends. However, at the time, Milo Kielty’s mother was married. Her husband was Mark Whelan, a businessman, who she married in 2001 before divorcing in 2006.

Their romance started when Patrick traveled from Belfast to Los Angeles through London to celebrate Cat Deeley’s birthday. Milo’s father expressed his feelings on the birthday, and they started dating, getting married in Rome in 2012. The couple has been together for a decade and has two sons.

Milo’s Mother’s Career

Cat Deeley entered the media industry as a model; at 14, she participated in The Clothes Show, reaching the finals. Milo’s mother modeled until she was 21, after which she moved to MTV to co-present Hitlist UK with Edith Bowman. In 1998, Cat Deeley started co-hosting SM: TV Live, a children’s program with Ant & Dec, for which she won a BAFTA Award.

Milo Kielty’s mother hosted Stars in Their Eyes from March 2004 to December 2006. Cat Deeley replaced Lauren Sanchez as the host of So You Think You Can Dance in 2006; she has hosted the dance show for over 15 years. Milo Kielty’s mother has had a successful career as a television presenter, actress, and model.

Besides, Milo Kielty’s parents hosted a show together from 2002-2003, the Face Academy talent competition show.

Net Worth of Milo Kielty’s Parents

Milo’s mother has made her fortune through her career as an actress and television personality. On the other hand, Patrick Kielty has also made his wealth through his work as a television personality and comedian. Milo’s parents have a combined net worth of about 15 million dollars.