Marita Bisceglia is the mother of an American woman called Elisabeth Anne Bisceglia, who is in jail for killing her ex-husband and his wife. She was born in 1919 in New York, United States, to Mary Abbot and Michael Curtin.

Personal Life

Marita Bisceglia married Francis J Bisceglia in March 1942 and had six children: Marita-Jane, Elisabeth, Francis X, Michael, Gerard, and Clare Bisceglia. Marita lived with her husband until he died in 1998. She was a homemaker and raised her daughters, training them to be homemakers.

Her Daughter

Marita Bisceglia’s daughter was spotlighted in 1989 when she killed her ex-husband and his second wife. Elisabeth Anne Broderick was born on November 7, 1947, as the thirdborn of six children. Elisabeth, famously known as Betty Broderick, grew up in Bronxville and followed all her mother’s teachings.

Marita’s daughter studied at Maria Regina High School, after which she joined the College of Mount Saint Vincent, graduating four years later with a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education.

Marita’s Love Life

Maria’s daughter met Dan Broderick in 1965 after she had completed high school, but they did not get married until she completed her college education. Betty married Dan on April 12, 1969, at a church in New York. They went for their honeymoon, and when they returned, Marita’s daughter was pregnant.

Betty and her husband had five children, daughters Kim and Lee and three younger sons, but one died barely a week after he was born.

Marita’s Daughter’s Marriage Breakdown

Betty’s husband furthered his studies while she stayed home, caring for the family. After completing his studies, Dan was offered a job in San Diego, California, at a law firm. Marita’s daughter and her kids relocated to San Diego to live with Dan. While working at the law firm, Marita’s Daughter’s husband hired Linda Kolkena as his assistant.

Marita’s daughter started suspecting that her husband was cheating on her with Linda; she confronted him but denied the allegations. Their marriage was not happy; years later, Dan moved out of the house. Marita’s daughter started fighting over the custody of their children, but Dan used his influence as a lawyer and won custody of the children.

After the divorce proceedings ended in 1989, Marita’s daughter’s husband married Linda Kolkena. Before the wedding, Betty used to send Dan offensive messages insulting him; she also vandalized his property on multiple occasions.

The Murder of Dan and His Second Wife

A month before Dan married Linda, Marita’s daughter bought a firearm but did not use it during the wedding. Seven months later, after Dan’s wedding, on November 5, 1989, in the wee hours of the morning, Marita’s daughter went to her ex-husband’s while they were sleeping. She opened the door, went to the room where they slept, and shot them, killing Linda instantly.

Betty’s ex-husband died after some time. Marita’s daughter was arrested and arraigned in court. She defended herself by saying that her ex-husband had put her through mental, psychological, and physical torture. Marita’s daughter was found guilty and jailed to 32 years in prison.