Marcus Leithold is a famous actor and personal trainer from America who is best recognized for being the ex husband of American hugely popular actress, Teri Hatcher. Today, let us tell you all the significant life details about Marcus Leithold.

Here, we will discuss all about early life, family, siblings, education, profession, children, love life, family, net worth, earning, and many other such details about Marcus Leithold.

Personal life

Though Marcus Leithold is an actor and also is a celebrity spouse, not at all any details are available about his early life including his date of birth and the names of his parents. The only thing you can be sure of his basic details is that he is an American.

If you talk about the love life of Marcus Leithold, he was previously married to American renowned actress, Teri Hatcher. However, their relationship was really short-lived and it lasted only for 1 year from 1988-89. After the failure of this marriage, whether or not Marcus Leithold got into any romantic relationship is not confirmed.

Parents and siblings

As said already, not at all any details are available on the family background of Marcus Leithold. Given this fact, you are unlikely to get something significant about the personal as well as professional lives of his parents and siblings. We are not even sure whether Marcus Leithold has any siblings because he never bothered to talk about his family background.


The married life of Marcus Leithold was really short-lived and it did not yield any child for him. Also, he probably did not have any other romantic relationship apart from this. Given this fact, we hope that Marcus Leithold does not have any kids right now.

Education and profession

With the fact that Marcus Leithold is not very much open regarding his personal life details, nothing is available about his educational background. As for his profession, you already know that Marcus Leithold is a film actor and personal trainer.

Reason for the popularity of Marcus Leithold

Well, Marcus Leithold himself is successful enough to be popular in the world because of his own works and achievements. He is known to be a successful actor and achieved great success in the film industry as well. The other reason for his popularity is his failed marriage with American actress, Teri Hatcher. The way their marriage ended in just within 1 year, it grabbed huge media attention.

Net worth of Marcus Leithold

Finding out any significant details about the net worth of Marcus Leithold is not possible because he has never opened his lips regarding this matter. However, considering the fact that he is a successful film actor as well as a personal trainer today, it can be said that he must be earning good money. If you talk about the net worth of his ex-wife, Teri Hatcher, she is the proud owner of around 50 million right now.


Though the personal life of Marcus Leithold is not very successful, he achieved great success in his professional career and managed to earn significant popularity as well.