Alex De Rakoff and Monet Mazur were gifted with two sons, including Luciano De Rakoff. Alex is a well-known film director. His mother, Monet Mazur is a famous American actress.

Alex De Rakoff has been in numerous movies as TV Shows. He starred in Dead Man Running, The Calcium Kid, and Snatch. His appearances in Grand Theft Auto 2, Dido: Sand in My Shoes, and GTA 2 were also notable.

Some of Monet’s most successful projects include TorqueDead Man Running, Monster-in-Law, and Just Married. You may also recognize her character in other TV shows such as Castle, CSI: Miami, Chuck, and Strange World.

Thus, Luciano gets his fame through his parents. Being a celebrity kid is what brings him an intriguing character that people want to know about. Here are some interesting facts to know about Luciano De Rakoff.

Personal Life

Luciano De Rakoff was born on the 22nd of March 2011. The celebrity kid will be 12 in 2023. He is the youngest son of the celebrity couple, Alex De Rakoff and Monet Mazur.


Luciano De Rakoff has a big brother. His Name is Marlon De Rakoff. He is six years older than his brother.

Marlon was born on the 21st of May 2005. Both kids are of Caucasian descent.


The parents of Luciano De Rakoff have never revealed the details of their meeting or dating to the public. Although we may not know how they met, they couple tied the knot in April 2005. They held a big wedding with their friends, family, and loved ones. They must have been in love.

However, the couple called it quits after having two kids together. Their beautiful marriage lasted for 13 years. They divorced in July 2018, without disclosing any reasons for the separation to the public.

Career and Net Worth

Both parents of Luciano De Rakoff have successful careers in Hollywood. The mother was a model and then transitioned into a professional actress. The father is a film producer with numerous successful projects including Snatch.

Monet Mazur

Mazur began her modeling and acting careers when she was a teen. She even appeared in some of the most famous advertisement campaigns and TV commercials, including one for Gaps.

In 1999, she starred with Adam Daelay on Everybody in Cords. She also appeared in Everybody in Leather and Everybody in Vests. In all the productions, Money Mazur’s role involved singing.

Some of the movies in which Monet played outstanding roles include Torque, Dead Man Running, Stoned, and Just Married. You may have also seen Mazur in Tv shows and series including Castle, CSI: Miami, Cold Case, Strange World, Chuck, and Rizzoli and Isles.

Net Worth

Luciano De Rakoff is of school-going age. However, details about where he is studying have been kept private. On the other hand, his parents have well-established careers. Alex De Rakoff has a net worth of approximately 1.5 million dollars. His ex-wife’s net worth is roughly 2 million dollars.

Final Thoughts

Luciano De Rakoff comes from caring parents. They may have divorced but they still care about their kids. We hope to see more of Luciano as he grows up.