Leslie Pedroza Stanley is the only daughter of the late Mexican comedian, actor and television host, Paco Stanley. Despite being the daughter of a celebrity, she has chosen to live a life far away from Mexican show business, preferring to stay out of the public eye. She is the product of her father’s relationship with Patricia Pedroza and is the sister of Francisco and Paul Stanley. Little is known about Leslie’s life, which is likely intentional on her part, given her desire to remain out of the limelight. However, she is remembered each year for the tragic death of her famous father, who passed away in 1999.

Her Father, Paco Stanley

Paco Stanley, born in Mexico City, Mexico on July 3rd 1942, was a Mexican television entertainer who worked for Televisa and TV Azteca. He began his career in radio in 1969, after his father-in-law paid for his radio and elocution classes. He then moved onto television, hosting shows such as “Smiles and Surprises” and “Estrellas W”, before getting his own show on Televisa in 1995 titled “Ándale!” Later, he also hosted “Llévatelo” and “Pácatelas with Mario Bezáres”. In 1998, he signed a contract with rival network TV Azteca and hosted the show “Una Tras Otra” with Jorge Gil and Mario Bezares. He was also passionate about theatre and starred in the play “Don Juan Tenorio” in its comic version. He also recorded three albums with his poetry.

Paco Stanley was married twice. His first marriage was to Maria Solis, with whom he had one son, Paco Stanley Solis (who passed away in 1993). He then married Patricia Pedroza, and the two had two children, Leslie and Francisco Stanley Pedroza. Additionally, Paco had a third son, Paul Stanley, from his relationship with Mónica Durruti Castillo.

Paco Stanley’s death shocked the entire nation of Mexico. On June 7th, 1999, Paco Stanley, Mario Bezares, and Jorge Gil left the TV Azteca Studios and went to a popular Mexican restaurant, El Charco de las Ranas. As they left, Paco and Mario went to the restroom, and as they exited, three men approached the car and started shooting. Paco was hit with four shots, three of them to his head. Mario Bezares and Paola Durante were arrested in connection with the murder and were jailed for over a year before being released. The autopsy revealed that Paco had a legal ID from the National Security Ministry that allowed him to carry firearms, as well as a bag containing 0.02g of cocaine. Nearly eleven years later, Luis Alberto Salazar Vega was arrested and charged with Stanley’s murder.

Her Half-Brother, Paul Stanley

Paul Stanley Durruti Castillo is a 38-year-old actor and host, and the youngest son of the late Paco Stanley. Despite not living with him, Paul had contact with his father until his tragic death when Paul was 14. Paul’s mother legally demanded the corresponding rights as his legitimate son and maintained contact with Paco Stanley to resolve issues related to their son in common. Paul has made his own way as an actor and conductor mainly as he does in the morning program “Hoy”. He is the only one of Paco Stanley’s children who continues his father’s legacy, exuding talent on the small screen in shows like “Miembros al Aire” where he is one of the favorite hosts.