Jakobe Moreno is the son of Chino Moreno. If you know about the band Deftones, then you probably recognize Chino Moreno. He is a well-known American musician. The artist is the lead vocalist and guitarist of the metal band.

Moreno was also formerly part of the Side Project Crosses. As a teenager, he was always fascinated by heavy metal music. He started playing the guitar at the tender age of eleven. In 1988, he formed a band called Deftones and released his first album in 1995.

Interestingly, his son, Jakobe is following in the footsteps of the guitarist. Let’s find out more about Jakobe Moreno.

Personal Life

Jakobe Moreno was born on the 23rd of June 2000. He will turn 23 years old in 2023. He was born and raised in Sacramento, California. His parents are Chino Moreno and Celeste Schroeder.

Jakobe Camille’s father is of Chinese Mexican descent. Celeste is of Ashkenazi Jewish descent. She has a polish and Russian background too.


Jakobe is the oldest in a family of three children. Christian Moreno and Lola Moreno are his brother and sister.


Jakobe is a singer and songwriter. He is the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist in the band, Death Rogen. The band is skate-inspired and was formed in 2015. Initially, the Death Rogen was a heavy metal band. However, its members say that it is inspired by different influences from diverse genres.

The musical style of Death Rogen is diversified with a sound described as alternative metal/ art rock/art metal.

The band also contains numerous members. Jakobe is the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist. Kobe Andrade is also a lead guitarist and backup vocalist. Sidney Cunningham is the band’s drummer. Finally, Gabe Cheng plays bass and is a backup vocalist.

Other singers who have sung with the Death Rogen band include Lenny Kravitz, Bruno Mars, Axl Rose, Steve Harwell, Steven Tyler, Chris Cornell, David Lee Roth, Dave Grohl, and Klee Benally, among others.


Chino Moreno kept information about his son concealed. For this reason, there are no details about the educational background of Jakobe Moreno. The celebrity was quite strict about maintaining a low profile for his children.

Thus, whichever school Jakobe chose or the career he is pursuing besides Death Rogen remains unknown. Until Jakobe Chino himself decides to open up to the media about his life, his identity, and personal life remains private. Therefore, we cannot say whether he is undertaking higher education or not.

Net Worth

As mentioned, Jakobe does not reveal much about his career or personal experiences. Any information related to how much she makes is yet to be determined. As of now, his net worth is unknown. Nevertheless, his father, Chino Moreno has a successful music career. The musician has generated a lot of wealth throughout his career. His net worth is about seven million dollars.

Bottling Up

Jakobe Moreno is following in his parent’s footsteps. We hope that his band becomes more successful with time. He is already garnering a substantial following on social media.