Who could deny the acknowledging power of likes? And isn’t acknowledgment what we all pursue on social media? We simply want people to let us know they appreciate what we share with them, right? But there’s even more at stake here. The number of likes you get is the direct key to your online success. If you really want to create a buzz on Twitter, then you ought to chase those likes. Let’s find out how.

Stay Close to Your Potential Public

What does this mean? Well, it’s probably useless to repeat it but the first thing you need to do is choose a target audience. Indeed, you need to know what kind of specific profiles you will try to reach out to through your posts. Gathering information about your potential followers and then tweeting in accordance with their expectations is essential.

While doing all this, you should also make sure that you are accessible. So refrain from mysterious attitudes. Make your account public to maximize your Twitter outreach. If you want people to like your posts, then you should be visible, right?

When we say ‘accessible’, it’s also a reminder about interactivity. Yes, you should interact with your followers and visitors. Don’t just try to sell them something. Instead, adopt a friendly attitude by answering their questions, expanding on their comments, and even retweeting their posts. In sum, be likable.

Be Meticulous with Your Hashtags

Hashtags are almost synonymous with Twitter. They are also one of the main factors that still lead people to specific kinds of content. In other words, the majority of Twitter users start by checking hashtags before the post itself. So if you want to get more likes, you should be able to offer catchy yet relevant hashtags to your audience. They have to be like a condensed reflection of your brand, products, and services. Keep them short and easy to remember. By doing so, you also increase your chances to create word of mouth about your Twitter profile and posts.

Work on Your Posting Strategy

Posting content on Twitter is everything but a random activity. If you are aiming for more likes and thus engagement, you have to control a set of things. Like what? Your posting rate, frequency, and time.

For example, tweeting once in a while will probably not yield any satisfactory results. Instead, you have to be present on the platform every single day. Don’t get carried away for all that though. The goal is not to get compulsive and bomb your audience with dozens of posts. That kind of approach is a big no-no. What you should rather do is tweet at reasonable amounts and always during peak times. These tend to vary from one country to another. That being said, noon and the beginning of the evening usually work fine. We suggest however you check the local tendencies of your target audience, just to be sure.

Buy Twitter Likes

Last but not least, you can buy Twitter likes from InstaFollowers. Think of this as a bonus strategy. Accumulating likes at your own convenience will give additional outreach power to your account. Other users (and most importantly your target audience) will notice that you have viral content. Indeed, one of the criteria determining virality is the number of likes one gets. So if you have posts and tweets with many likes on them, people will perceive you as worthy of attention. Over time, this is likely to do wonders for your engagement and conversion rates. Simple but ridiculously effective, right?

You can choose between different packages of Twitter likes or opt to ‘Grow Twitter followers.‘ Each comes with its own number of likes or followers. See for yourself which one suits the current state of your Twitter activity best.