Gynecomastia is an overdevelopment or enlargement of the breast tissue in men or boys. It is estimated that gynecomastia affects up to 70% of men in early to mid puberty due to hormonal imbalances between testosterone and oestrogen. Men with gynecomastia are also at higher risk for developing eating disorders and can experience functional impairment from the excess breast tissue.

Fortunately, male breast reduction surgery is a way to dramatically improve both physical comfort and overall well-being. By surgically removing the excess glandular tissue and fat from the breasts, the masculine contour can be restored. Here are some other benefits you will get from this transformative surgery.

Reduce Pain or Discomfort

In some cases, enlarged breast tissue can cause physical discomfort. Moreover, the excess weight on the chest may cause back, shoulder, or neck pain. Gynecomastia surgery can remove the heavy, pendulous breast tissue to alleviate this type of discomfort. The medical term for breast pain in men is known as mastodynia. If this is one of your symptoms, surgery may be able to provide relief.

Fit Into Clothes Better

Clothing often fits differently when you have gynecomastia. Men with this condition frequently have trouble finding shirts and jackets that fit right over the bust area. However, following a surgical procedure that flattens and sculpts the chest, the task of finding well-fitting attire on the shelf becomes significantly more straightforward.

Correct Uneven Breasts

Some men develop gynecomastia in only one breast, resulting in unevenness between the two sides of the chest. Undergoing surgery can remove tissue from the larger side to create symmetry between the left and right breasts. Evening out the look of the chest is one of the goals of gynecomastia surgery.

Remove Excess Glandular Tissue

Gynecomastia is caused by a combination of excess fatty tissue and glandular breast tissue under the nipple area. Even if you lose weight, the glandular tissue will remain. Surgery can excise both the fat and glandular tissue for a flat, toned chest contour. Liposuction alone will not remove the glandular breast tissue.

Get a Permanent Fix

Non-surgical treatments for gynecomastia, such as medication and compression garments, can help temporarily minimise the appearance of enlarged breasts. But surgery is the only way to permanently remove the excess breast tissue and recreate a flatter, more masculine-contoured chest. If you want a permanent solution for enlarged breasts, surgery is typically more effective than other options.

Improve Athletic Performance

The excess weight and pendulous appearance of enlarged breasts can interfere with athletic activities for some men. Running, swimming, bench pressing, and other motions may feel restricted. Surgery can remove the heavy tissue and allow for free motion, potentially enhancing athletic ability and performance.

Bottom Line

This procedure, known as gynecomastia surgery, can be tailored to your individual needs and concerns. During your consultation with a skilled cosmetic surgeon, you can explore various surgical techniques and discuss the expected outcomes. Gynecomastia surgery not only enhances your physical appearance but can also improve your health conditions. Moreover, this cosmetic surgery can alleviate the discomfort and pain associated with enlarged male breasts. By thoroughly evaluating your unique circumstances and desired results, you and your surgeon can collaboratively decide if gynecomastia surgery is the right choice for you.