What is Geekzilla Podcast?

Unlike other conventional podcasts that you might come across online, Geekzilla podcast is a haven for tech enthusiasts, geeks and pop culture fans. This is basically a platform where people share their unending passion for everything that you can think about. From comics to science fiction, there is plenty of information and discussion that take place around the afore-mentioned areas.

Since this podcast is usually hosted by a team of dynamic and dedicated geeks, be sure that you will not only get entertained but also be up-dated with the current information about pop culture and the ever-changing world of tech. Without more ado, let delve into what Geekzilla podcast is made of, its hosts, the topics to expect, where you can listen it and so much more. This article will be an eye-opener to you!

Exploring the Topics on the Geekzilla Podcast

Like we mentioned in the introduction, Geekzilla podcast is home to an array of interesting and insightful topics in the world of video games, gadgets, technology, geek culture and so much more. Here are some of the topics and subjects that are covered by this podcast:

  • Gadget and reviews-Here, you will be able to know the latest information about the newest devices. This includes their hardware and software details. Also, consumer electronic gadgets get reviewed here every now and then.
  • The latest tech news-If you are curious about knowing the latest updates and news in the field of technology, this podcast is the ultimate choice for you.
  • Tech tips and tutorials-This covers areas such as guides and how to deal with various tech devices
  • Geek culture-This demystifies the various aspects of geek and pop culture. Some of the facets covered here include comic shows, films, television shows, conventions and so on.
  • Video games-This segment allows you to know the various news about gaming. Also, you will get to know more about game reviews, the trends in the gaming world and everything in between. Whether you are seeking for insights or want to indulge in a nostalgic journey, be sure that you will not miss an essential resource to cater for your needs.
  • Event coverage-Some of the areas covered here include reports and discussions on conferences, new product launches, tech events and so much more.
  • Interviews-Experts from the industry, prominent individuals from the geek and tech community get interviewed.
  • Comic books-If you are a fan of comic books, this podcast will not disappoint you. This can be attributed to the fact that the hosts of this podcast take time to explore characters of different comic books. Some good examples include Spider-Man and the Batman. Moreover, underappreciated and obscure figures get covered as well.
  • Participation in the community-Here, comments of this podcast’s listeners get read. Also, questions that these audience might have asked get answered as well.
  • The latest trends and innovations-Here, latest innovations and technological trends gets analyses at length. Additionally, the impacts of these trends and innovation on the society gets covered too.

Some of the specific topics that have been covered in this podcast include:

  • The latest trends in AI
  • The new iPhone 14
  • Interviews with various CEOs from different tech companies
  • The upcoming release of the PlayStation 5
  • The latest science fiction and fantasy books
  • The future of work in the digital age
  • The latest video games such as God of War Ragnarok and Elden Ring
  • Upcoming TV shows and movies based on video games and comic books
  • Impacts of social media in the modern-day society

The Hosts of the Geekzilla Podcast

The following are the team members who host Geekzilla podcast:

  • Joe-He is a renowned pop culture writer and a film reviewer who enjoys TV shows, movies and comics. Unlike other hosts, Joe always has a well-reasoned jest on any episode you might think about. During the show, Joe mainly discusses the latest fantasy films and Sci-fi releases. Additionally, he debates the advantages of reboots vs. originals.
  • Mike-This host is a sci-fi and tech enthusiast. He is always passionate about analyzing new ideas and devices. On the show, he mainly deals with how-to topics such as selecting secure passwords, enabling 2-factor authentication, safeguarding your data, identify spammy emails and so on. Consequently, he is able to bring the much-needed technical acumen to this podcast and make difficult tech issues simpler and more interesting.
  • Sarah-She is known to be a comic book and gaming lover. Her enthusiasm and expertise in field of gaming and comic is unrivalled.
  • Jen-She is both pop culture and horror enthusiast. In fact, she is known to enjoy kitschy ‘80s and slasher flicks TV episodes. As a result, she is able to not only able to make the podcast interesting but also willing to discuss her current guilt or fixation

Since these hosts are both dynamic and passionate about what they do, be sure that you will not only get entertained by listening to Geekzilla podcast but also learn a lot from it.

Where You Can Listen to the Geekzilla Podcast

Suppose you are interested in watching Geekzilla podcast, trust that there is a number of options that can help you get started. These include:

  • Spotify:You can readily stream Geekzilla podcast episodes on Spotify free of charge and have fun. Fortunately, Spotify is available on both mobile and desktop platforms.
  • Apple Podcasts:If you have an Apple device, trust that you will be able to stream various Geekzilla episodes on Apple Podcasts and get entertained. Also, you can download these episodes and listen to them offline.
  • Google Podcasts:Suppose you have an Android or iOS device, trust that you will be able to stream a number of Geekzilla episodes seamlessly.
  • tech:To start with, this is the official website of this podcast. Thankfully, it offer a direct access to various episodes aired by this podcast. Here, you have the freedom to either stream these episodes online or download them so as you can listen later. Unlike the options we have mentioned above, listening directly from this podcast’s website allows you to enjoy additional contents. Also, you will have a golden opportunity to hear behind-the-scenes insights.
  • Castbox:Whether you have an Android or iOS device, trust that you will have access to this podcast app and thus be able to listen to the Geekzilla podcast.
  • Overcast:If you have an iOS device, you can freely utilize the Overcast podcast app in order to listen to the various episodes aired on the Geekzilla podcast.
  • YouTube: There are certain podcasts that upload their contents as videos on YouTube. If you are regular user of this platform, consider looking for Geekzilla podcast on YouTube and listen to various episodes.

Apart from the methods that we have mentioned above, you can consider looking out for Geekzilla podcasts on social media platforms such as Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), Instagram and so on. Here, you will not only get to listen to this podcast’s episodes but also get to know the latest updates.

Also, you will have a golden opportunity to interact with the geek network. Finally, you can even try to sign up for this podcast’s newsletters so that you can get the much-needed updates and exceptional contents in real-time.

Impact on the Geek Community

It is imperative to note that the impact of Geekzilla podcasts on the geek community is not only extensive but also substantial. Here are the impacts this podcast has had on the geek community:

  1. Shaping conversations

Geekzilla podcasts shapes conversations within the geek community in a number of ways. To start, the hosts of this podcast have the capacity to mould and influence dialogues among its listeners. Here, delicate subjects get discussed, thereby creating a climate that fosters critical thinking. Additionally, substantial issues pertaining to diversity and representation get discussed in this podcast. Consequently, this podcast shapes conversations immensely.

  1. Promotes diversity

Different people have different needs. Thankfully, Geekzilla podcast understands that fact. Unlike other podcasts, this one promotes diversity as it advocates for an increased inclusivity in vital areas such as video games, comics, fashion, movies, tech, and other areas that are related to the geek culture.

Regardless of your passion and interests, be sure that you will not be judged by anyone. Since this platform is able to promote diversity, those who might have felt like they are outside the mainstream society tends to enjoy some sense of belonging.

  1. Building a community

One of the things that stand out of this podcast is the fact that there is interactive exchange of ideas. This means that the listeners not only get to hear what is discussed on this platform but also have a chance to share their ideas and be heard as well. Since ideas, suggestions and emotions get exchanged on this platform, trust that this podcast goes a long way in building a community among its enthusiasts.

  1. Fosters innovation and creativity

By listening to Geekzilla podcasts, be sure that you will be able to learn a number of ideas. After all, several topics get covered in this podcast. From video games to the comic books, there is wide spectrum of interesting and imaginative stories that you might hear from this podcast. Consequently, you will be able to not only get entertained but also learn new ideas. As a result, this podcast fosters technological advancement in the geek community.


From having passionate hosts to covering diverse topic, there are many features that make Geekzilla podcast to stand out among the geek community. Like we mentioned above, this platform tends to be more inclusive as it accommodates diverse ideas from different people worldwide. Consequently, you will not feel left out regardless of your whether you are seasoned tech aficionado or new to the geek culture. The episodes aired here are not only entertaining but also insightful. Start streaming and listening to Geekzilla podcasts now and you will remain updated with the latest tech news and trends.