You have probably come across The Offer, which premiered on Paramount+ in 2023. Now you are wondering, is Francoise Ruddy a real person? Well, she is a businesswoman who married the famous Albert Ruddy.

The Offer revolves around the production of the film, The Godfather. It also explores how Francoise Ruddy contributed to its success. The TV series finally recognizes Francoise for her boundless contributions to life. Let’s find out more about Francoise Rudd.

Personal Life

Francoise Ruddy, also known as Ma Prem Hasya or Francoise Wizenberg, was born on the 4th of April, 1937 in Paris. Both her parents were Polish Jews. However, during the 2nd world war, Icek Wizenberg, Francoise’s father died.

Francoise’s Survival of the Holocaust

Francoise was a Holocaust survivor, who lived with her adoptive parents. When she was 8 years old, Francoise reconnected with her mother. Three years later, the two moved to Israel.

To prevent Francoise from joining the Israeli Defense Forces when she turned 19, her mother relocated the family to North America. They lived in Canada for a little while before finally settling down in the U.S.

Francoise and Magnate Guilford’s Marriage Life

After moving to the U.S., Francoise Ruddy and her mother settled in New York. Francoise was a well-mannered and gorgeous young woman, and this seized the attention of many, including the famous Guildford Glazer. The couple tied the knot in 1956. Francoise was only 19 when she got hitched.

The Francoise’s marriage to the Jewish business tycoon only lasted for nine years. During the marital relationship, God blessed the couple with two kids, a girl(Erika) and a boy(Emerson).

Francoise and Guilford Glazer’s marriage ended in 1965. His wife suffered from depression and was unhappy. Francoise sustained a handsome settlement from the divorce, including over a million dollars worth of properties.

Life Story of Francoise and Albert Ruddy

After her divorce, Francoise lived in Los Angeles where she established and made a good life for herself. At the time, she was also managing a historic Hollywood hotel, Chateau Marmont.

Her business at the hotel allowed her to build and sustain relationships with numerous well-known Hollywood stars. One of the friendships she cultivated was with Albert Ruddy, who would then become her second husband.

By the time Francoise met Albert, he was a salaried employee, working toward a breakthrough career in Hollywood. After dating for some time, Francoise and Ruddy got hitched in 1967.

Francoise’s Contributions to The Godfather

During their marriage, Albert became a big name in Hollywood. Among his renowned works was the production of The Godfather. Producing the film was a challenging experience for the star. Francoise held his hand throughout the film troubles. Besides accompanying him to the studio numerous times, she helped by brainstorming crucial solutions. The movie later became an award-winning film with numerous Oscars. They divorced in the 70s after falling apart due to creative differences.

Francoise’s Death

After being a devoted member of Rajneesh’s ashram for numerous years, Francoise died in 2014. She had been suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Her burial took place at a Jewish cemetery under Francoise Hasya Ruddy.

Wrapping Up

Francoise Ruddy lived a fulfilling life. After surviving the Holocaust, she contributed to the production of a successful film. She even found satisfaction in following the Guru Osho. We can only wish to explore the world as Francoise Ruddy did.