Dan Marino is a renowned NFL legend who was formerly a quarterback. He played for the National Football League, Miami Dolphins. All hell broke loose when the news about Dan Marino’s affair broke into the media.

According to online sources, Dan admitted to having an affair that led to the birth of Chloe Savattere. Reports show that the famous NFL star cheated on his wife with Donna Savattere.

Continue reading to discover juicy details about Dan Marino’s love child, Chloe Savattere.

Personal Life

Chloe Savattere was born in June 2005, which would make her 17 years old today. As highlighted earlier, she is the love child of Marino and Donna Savattere. Most of the information about Chloe’s birth remains unknown to the public.

Dan Marino took full responsibility for Chloe when she was seven years old. Before that, Dan had allegedly paid Chloe’s mother to keep the news about their child a secret.

In a New York Post, Dan Marino revealed that he wanted to keep the information about the child private since it was personal. He added that he and the daughter’s mother had a mutual agreement to maintain a private arrangement.

Chloe Savattere’s Mother

Donna Savattere and Dan Marino met in 2004. By that time, Donna worked at CBS Sports as a production assistant. Similarly, Dan was a sports analyst for the same firm for the pre-game.

According to online sources, the NFL legend kept the affair and the birth of his daughter secretive. Like many other office romances, things do not always go as planned.

According to sources, Marino’s wife knew about the affair and the child. However, the news about the baby remained on the down-low until Chloe was eight. Although Marino had initially maintained his spotless reputation, he had to acknowledge news about his unfaithfulness to the media.

At the time of Donna and Dan’s affair, Savattere was single. However, Donna has since been married to Nahill Younis. She met her current husband in 2009 in the Bahamas. She has another child with her husband and is still going on strong.

About Dan Marino

As highlighted before, Marino is a former American football quarterback. He was a member of the Miami Dolphins in the NFL for seventeen years. While he may not be on a super-bowl-winning team, he is a holder of numerous quarterback records in the NFL.

Many recognize the legendary American football quarterback for his quick release and a strong arm. Dan contributed to the consistency of the Miami Dolphins in post-season competitions. Ultimately, he helped to lead the team to the playoffs and one Superbowl participation in XIX.

While the tales of Dan’s affair still loom, he and his wife are still happily married. They even have six kids. He revealed that he comes from a strong and loving family.

Dan Marino’s Net Worth

Dan Marino is now a retired American football player. He has a successful NFL career that lasted for 17 years. He amassed a net worth of approximately 50 million dollars. Donna’s net worth ranges from 5-10 million dollars.

Final Notes

Chloe may have been a love child but both her parents are loving, responsible and caring. Most of her personal life is private. Thus, very little can be said about Chloe’s personal life.