In today’s fast-paced academic world, essay writing can be a daunting task. However, with the help of EssayGPT, an AI essay writing copilot, the process becomes much more efficient and effective. This powerful tool is designed to revolutionize the essay writing process, providing seamless assistance from generating drafts to refining and improving your essays. In this review, we will delve into the features and benefits of EssayGPT, highlighting how it can be a valuable asset to any student, researcher, or academic.

Revolutionize Your Essay Writing Process

AI Essay Writer

At the core of EssayGPT lies its AI essay writer. This feature enables users to effortlessly generate, edit, and refine essays on a wide range of topics. With just a few clicks, you can create high-quality drafts that meet your specific requirements. The AI essay writer also allows you to rewrite, summarize, expand, or shorten content within seconds, making it a versatile tool for any writing need.

Research Made Easy

EssayGPT offers a comprehensive research feature that gives you access to an extensive database of academic resources. Finding credible and authoritative publications to include in your essays is made effortless, saving you time and ensuring that your work is well-informed. This research tool provides a wealth of scholarly articles, scientific studies, and academic papers, allowing you to strengthen your arguments and support your ideas effectively.

In-text Citations

Referencing is a critical aspect of academic writing, and EssayGPT simplifies this process with its in-text citation feature. Automatically generating accurate citations in popular styles like MLA, APA, Chicago, and more, this tool saves you time and ensures the accuracy and consistency of your referencing. Additionally, you have the flexibility to customize citations manually as needed, offering a personalized touch to your academic work.

Powerful Features of Our AI Essay Writing Tool

AI Auto Complete

When struggling to articulate your thoughts, EssayGPT’s AI auto-complete feature comes to the rescue. It provides tailored suggestions for words, phrases, and sentences that seamlessly fit into the context of your writing. This intelligent tool assists in constructing complex arguments and expanding your ideas, making your essay writing process smoother and more efficient.

Grammar Check

Submitting polished and professional essays is crucial for academic success, and EssayGPT’s grammar check feature ensures just that. It identifies grammar, punctuation, stylistic, and spelling mistakes, enabling you to fine-tune your writing and eliminate errors. With this tool, you can be confident that your final submission is of the highest quality.

Plagiarism Check

Originality is fundamental in academic writing, and EssayGPT helps you maintain it with its built-in plagiarism checker. This feature detects potential duplication issues, alerting you to any unintentional plagiarism in your work. With the ability to revise citations or paraphrase content, you can ensure that your essays are completely plagiarism-free.

Advanced AI Chatbot

EssayGPT’s ScholarChat tool takes the writing assistance to the next level. This advanced AI chatbot helps you generate full-length drafts, brainstorm ideas, expand upon existing work, summarize written papers, and clarify any subject matter. This live chat support ensures that you have a reliable and interactive platform to address any writing challenges you may encounter.

Write Essays for Any Topic & Type With EssayGPT

EssayGPT caters to a diverse range of subjects and types of essays, making it suitable for various academic needs. Whether you are writing a literary critique, business strategy analysis, scientific discourse, medical finding investigation, historical event evaluation, environmental concern exploration, or sociological debate reflection, EssayGPT has got you covered. Furthermore, it supports different types of essays such as narrative, argumentative, descriptive, analytical, expository, comparison, and persuasive essays.

To learn more about EssayGPT’s features, read this detailed review.

How to Use EssayGPT?

How to Use EssayGPT

Using EssayGPT is quick and straightforward. Follow these three simple steps to optimize your essay writing process:

  1. Generate an essay by typing or pasting your draft into the AI essay writer.
  2. Edit, cite, and improve your essay with the assistance of EssayGPT’s AI features.
  3. Export your final essay in various formats to fulfill your submission requirements.

More Powerful AI Essay Tools

EssayGPT offers a range of additional tools to enhance your essay writing experience. These include an essay outline generator, essay generator, essay rewriter, essay extender, essay hook generator, essay shortener, and essay conclusion generator. These tools provide extra support and assist you in writing various components of your essays efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is EssayGPT?

EssayGPT is an advanced AI essay writer that supports students, researchers, and academics in creating well-researched and plagiarism-free essays. It offers comprehensive assistance throughout the writing process, including brainstorming, drafting, revising, research, and citation.

How does this AI essay maker help in research?

EssayGPT provides direct access to a curated library of scholarly articles, scientific studies, and a variety of academic papers. This feature allows you to efficiently find and review peer-reviewed content, ensuring that your essays are well-informed and based on authoritative works in your field of study.

Is this AI essay maker secure and reliable?

Yes, the security and reliability of EssayGPT are prioritized. The platform implements stringent measures and safeguards to protect user data and content, ensuring a safe environment for your essay writing needs.

Can the AI essay writer detect plagiarism?

Absolutely! EssayGPT includes a plagiarism checker that evaluates the originality of your written essays and assignments. By alerting you to any potential plagiarism, you are given the opportunity to make the necessary revisions. This ensures your work is completely plagiarism-free, maintaining academic integrity.

Does EssayGPT offer high-quality AI auto completion features?

Yes, EssayGPT excels in providing contextually relevant suggestions to complete sentences. It assists in crafting high-quality texts efficiently, whether you are constructing complex arguments or simply fleshing out your ideas. The auto-completion feature mimics a natural writing style, aligning with your intended message.

Does EssayGPT support multilingual essay writing?

Absolutely! EssayGPT enables you to create essays in over 50 languages. Whether you are composing a piece in Spanish, French, Mandarin, or any other supported language, this AI essay writing copilot ensures your writing is articulate and culturally nuanced.


Essay writing can be made significantly easier with the assistance of EssayGPT. From generating drafts to refining essays, conducting research, and adding citations, this AI essay writing copilot is a game-changer. Its powerful features, such as AI auto-complete, grammar check, and plagiarism check, elevate the overall quality and efficiency of the writing process. With EssayGPT, you can produce top-notch essays in record time and become a more confident and successful academic writer.