Ellie Longoria is the mother of American baseball player Evan Longoria. Little is known about her birthplace and early childhood. However, she married Michael Longoria, with whom she had six children, including Evan Longoria. Ellie has been very supportive of his son’s ambitions and his baseball career.

Ellie’s Son’s Personal Life

Ellie’s son is married to Jaime Faith. They met in the early 2010s, and they got married in 2015. They have three children together; a daughter named Elle Leona, a son named Nash, and the youngest named Lou James, making Ellie Longoria a grandmother of three. Ellie’s son has always been in the spotlight compared with Eva Longoria, an actress, because of their surnames.

While in college, when Evan was asked if he was related to Eva, he didn’t mind, but he was always raged. After moving into the Major Baseball League, he did not was to answer anything about his relationship with Eva Longoria since he had talked about the issue while in college and the minor leagues.

In 2008, Eva Longoria sent Ellie’s son a note to thank him for doing their last name proud; Evan, on the other hand, sent her signed jerseys.

Her Son’s Baseball Career

Ellie’s son started playing baseball in high school, after which he joined Rio Hondo Community College but transferred to Long Beach State University. At Long Beach, Evan was active on the baseball team. The Tampa Bay Rays picked Ellie’s son in the 2006’s baseball draft; he played in the minor league for two years before moving to the major league in 2008.

In his rookie year, Evan Longoria replaced Willy Aybar. Soon after upgrading Ellie’s son to the major league roster, Tampa Bay Rays made him sign a six-year contract worth 17. 5 million dollars. Evan won a Fan vote in the All-Star game AL Final three months later.

While playing with Tampa Bay Rays, Ellie’s son won three Gold Glove Awards, among others. In December 2017, Ellie’s son and another player were traded to San Francisco Giants for four players. In the latter half of 2018, Evan Longoria didn’t play after suffering an injury that led to surgery.

In November 2022, Ellie’s son was a free agent after failing to renew his contract with San Francisco Giants. He joined Arizona Diamondbacks in January 2023, where he plays as the third baseman.

What is the Net Worth of Ellie Longoria’s Son?

Ellie’s son has a net worth of approximately 30 million dollars. He has made his fortune through his baseball career and has won several awards. Given the much he has earned, his children must probably live a good life, providing them with anything they need. Nevertheless, Ellie Longoria can always talk to her son if she needs financial assistance.

Social Media

Ellie Longoria is not on social media; no accounts affiliated with her have been found on any social media platform. On the other hand, her son is active on social media platforms, especially Instagram, where he likes sharing pictures of his family.