Chelsea Jean Crowell, born in 1982 in Nashville, is the daughter of American musician Rodney Crowell and his ex-wife Roseanne Cash, a songwriter and singer. Chelsea has two biological siblings, Caitlin and Carrie Crowell, and an older half-sibling from her father’s previous marriage, Hannah Crowell.

Personal Life

Chelsea Jean Crowell has been secretive about her personal life. She has not revealed whether she is married or has any children. But her mother posted a picture of a child saying that she is Chelsea’s, so she probably has other kids, or maybe she is the only child.

On the other hand, her two older sisters are married and have kids. Chelsea’s sister Hannah Crowell has been fighting cancer, and her family has been very supportive throughout her cancer journey.

Education and Career

Given her mother studied up to college, Chelsea Jean Crowell must have also gone to school. However, she has not made public details of the schools she attended and what she pursued in college.

Moving on to her career, Chelsea Jean Crowell decided to follow in her parent’s footsteps and ventured into the music industry. She has appeared with her mother several times and performed together. Chelsea Jean Crowell is the only one among her sisters who have decided to continue with the family legacy; however, she has not been successful as her parents.

Chelsea Jean’s Parents’ Relationship

Chelsea Jean’s parents met in the late 1970s, marrying in 1979. They were married for 13, with their union ending in divorce in 1992. When they were together, the couple had three daughters. Before their marriage, Chelsea’s father was married to Martha Dant Watts, with whom he had a daughter.

Upon their divorce, Rodney married singer Claudia Church in 1998, and they have been together since. On the other hand, Chelsea’s mother married John Leventhal, and they have a son. Despite divorcing, Chelsea’s parents are still friends and have worked together occasionally.

Her Father’s Music Career

Chelsea Jean Crowell’s father was born into a musical family; at 11, he was already playing drums. As a teenager, Rodney performed with several rock bands in his hometown. Chelsea’s father left Houston, Texas, for Nashville, Tennessee, to pursue a music career in 1972 and luckily landed a job as a songwriter.

While in Nashville, Rodney Crowell met musicians he looked up to and helped him succeed in his music career. In the late 1970s, Chelsea Jean’s father formed a band called The Cherry Bombs, but they failed to click as a group. In the 1980s, Chelsea’s parents worked together and helped each other achieve success.

Chelsea’s father is still active in the music industry and sometimes performs at events. Rodney has won several awards in his music career, including two Grammy Awards.

Social Media

Chelsea Jean Crowell is active on Twitter; she likes tweeting and sometimes retweets posts by her family members. However, Chelsea Jean Crowell is not on Instagram, or maybe she uses a personal username.