A functional kitchen makes cleaning and cooking much more manageable in any home. When planning an upcoming kitchen remodeling project, House in Order Management in Waynesville says to consider the aesthetics and functionality in the design process. Enhancing your kitchen’s functionality and organization can help the space look great, appear tidy, and feel open while meeting your needs. Here are five tips for making your kitchen space more functional:

1. Have Clear Workstations

The workstation is a modern approach that includes several work areas in a kitchen remodeling project. Kitchens are not only used for cooking but also for having family discussions, hosting friends, and hanging out. Various work zones in your kitchen enable a person to cook and perform other tasks such as socializing or homework.

There should be a clear workflow for you to have a functional kitchen. The workflow should have a design that allows you to do one task and move to the next. This can happen without the need to backtrack. The work triangle connects the three primary work areas in a kitchen: refrigerator, sink, and stove. The lines between these points should be within easy reach and clear of obstacles.

2. Add Organizing Tools

Many kitchens provide the bare minimum of what you require to stay organized. Including strategic products can help you to customize the space to match your needs. Use organizers in your drawers to create boundaries and prevent your items from shifting. Drawer organizers help to make individual compartments for each type of kitchen utensil. These compartments offer specialized storage for spices and knives and encourage you to organize everything well after each use.

Drawers provide plenty of storage, and you can add them wherever possible. Large drawers can go under your stove and can be more practical than traditional cabinets for certain items. You can install drawers inside your cabinets to make it easy to reach dishes stored at the back of the cabinets. Including a drawer under the oven can provide an ideal place to keep cookie sheets and larger pans.

3. Choose the Right Appliances

The appliances you choose can make a significant difference in the functionality of the space in your kitchen. Pick appliances that are easy to clean and use. Many kitchens include a range hood, a range, and a refrigerator. Other commonly used appliances are dishwashers, microwave ovens, coffee makers, and toasters.

If you prefer a high-tech kitchen, choose smart appliances with a design incorporating modern technology. Prioritize energy-saving appliances, and if you have limited space, go for those that combine functions such as a microwave/toaster oven combination. To create a more streamlined look, position the appliances behind cabinet doors to imitate the look of cabinetry.

4. Add Proper Lighting

Cleaning and cooking in your kitchen requires good lighting from artificial and natural sources. Incorporate bright lights above prep areas, countertops, and the stove. Good lighting makes it easy to perform tasks such as measuring ingredients and chopping food. Under cabinet lighting helps illuminate countertops to find things easily, especially at night.

The lighting also brightens up places that have limited natural lighting, like inside the cabinets and drawers. Investing in large windows, ceiling windows, and LED light can also help provide you with a functional kitchen with good lighting. LED strip lighting, over-counter spotlights, and island pendant lights are areas where you can incorporate your personal style in designing your kitchen.

5. Create More Counter Space

The counter gives you room to prep and cook food and organize your groceries easily. If you love preparing large meals, countertops offer a space where you can put all your dishes and ingredients. A large counter space frees up room on your kitchen tables, which enables you to prepare meals in one area and provides room for guests. There are different countertop materials to choose from, which can include quartz, laminate, marble, and wood. They are also available in different colors. Choose a material that is easy to maintain and clean.

Choose a Reputable Kitchen Remodeling Company

Look for a kitchen remodeling company that can create a design solution and a budget that works for you. They should have a reputation for creating a space that prioritizes functionality and beauty. A team of experienced specialists can guide you from the initial consultation up to the completion of the remodeling project.