Generally speaking, fashion moves in cycles, new trends and fads can suddenly appear and disappear as quickly as they arrived. A lot depends on what the A-list celebs are wearing and what the major fashion houses have up their sleeve, and with that in mind, we attempt to answer the above question.

Casual wear

Ultra-casual seems to be where we’re heading; oversize shirts and sweaters are in. Knitted cardigans ooze sophistication and deep pockets are very accommodating. Google Images can show you classic examples of trendy casual wear that girls around the world are wearing.

Animal prints

Leopard and Jaguar are the most popular prints, with stretch fabric that clings to the body and synthetic fabrics that allow the skin to breathe. We’ve seen Lycra animal prints for a few years already and they show no sign of disappearing yet.


The ultimate in style and comfort, Taos The Show are comfortable casual sandals; if you don’t own a pair of Taos, where have you been living for the past few years? Search online for a leading Australian footwear retailer and order a pair of these amazing sandals, you won’t regret it! Taos also make a slick set of rugged boots that are perfect for those country hikes.

Evening gowns

The 1920s saw elegant evening gowns that are as popular today as they were way back in the days of Art Deco; check out the catwalks of London, Paris and New York for the best designer creations. Sequins and metallic fabrics are all the rage, if you want the futuristic look. Every woman should have at least one stunning designer gown in her wardrobe for those special occasions and the online designer dress boutique is the place to find top names at affordable prices. Many top designers sell exclusively online

Colour contrasts

Colours that contrast well together are trending this year; purple-yellow, green-orange, pink-black and blue-red are favourite pairings. There seem to be no rules in 2024 when it comes to what you wear and this anything-goes attitude is perfect for casual and beach wear; you can mix and match to your heart’s desire without the worry of breaking any dress code rules.

Socks are back in vogue

From under-ankle to knee-length socks, you can add some rich colour to your look and they go great with trainers. If you want to view a huge catalogue of trendy socks, Google can take you to a leading Australian supplier. Fill your socks drawer with novel pairs and you will always have a different look.

Online shopping allows you to find the top fashion items at affordable prices and with free delivery, what’s not to like about shopping online? Check your wardrobe and order a few stylish garments and accessories from top online retailers and get ready for the spring and summer.