Manesar is basically the part of national capital region of Delhi and is an industrial town situated in the Gurugram district of Haryana, India. Basically, this is a small township which was formally one of the most important economically depressed environments in the nation. Now it has been converted into one of the best possible areas with the swiftest growth rate because the Manesar is giving the people of Delhi with engaging rural beat experience along with a significant change from the basic usual city life.

Manesar is basically the best place for farm tourism enthusiasts who are interested in getting in touch with the experience of rural life. This particular town is basically a hilltop city in the lower Aravalli ranges and is also very well-known for the pure lifestyle and the breathtaking views of the Aravalli hills provided by eight. The warm weather and the lush greenery provided by it in combination with the rural setting make it definitely worth visiting and will provide you with an excellent memory-making experience in your life.

Following are some of the best possible places that you should plan a visit to while planning your stay in options like ITC Grand Bharat Manesar

  1. Damdama Lake:This is one of the most important and prominent places to be visited in this area which is located approximately 20 km away from the Gurgaon city. This place is very well nestled and best the emerald forests and is undeniably one of the most popular destinations in Manesar city. This place is very well surrounded by pure natural beauty which provides the tourists with a perfect place to spend time away from the city and the boating activity done over here is a very good activity in itself. In addition to the basic adventure sports, this place provides people with a good number of water activities including parasailing, fishing, valley crossing and other associated things.
  2. Sohna: This is basically a town situated in the foothills of the Aravallis and is the home to a significant variety of must-visit tourist destinations. Furthermore, as we know hot springs in this area provide a healing environment for the body as well as the mind and this is the point which makes it a very favourite weekend retreat for somebody who is interested in looking for something more than the basic usual activity. Every nature enthusiast can easily plan a visit to this particular place and further you can pay homage to the hundred-year-old historic Shiva temple with its majestic dam which will be its scenic backdrop. Moreover, this particular city is perfectly serving as the best location for early Ganga snan in November and the Teej Mela in July and August.
  3. Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary: Another very important and beautiful place that you need to visit in this area is the magnificent Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary. This is the authentic piece of heaven on the Earth for the shutterbugs and this beautiful area is home to more than 250 species of birds which provides people with a perfect experience in itself. The best time to visit this place is during the winter season when migratory birds will be also present over here. You can easily enjoy accessibility to the purple sunbird, night heron and the golden oriole over here which ultimately will be a great experience in itself.
  4. Shri Mata Sita Devi Mandir: This is another very important beautiful place that you need to visit over here because this is permanently lively and is a very unique pilgrim site to be visited. This temple was very well invented after the presiding deity of the Devi Sheetla and is one of the most important Shakthi peeths to be visited by individuals in the entire nation. This place is definitely worth visiting because it comes with a remarkable history and also has been designed with very detailed architecture which makes it a perfect ancient site which must be explored by individuals.
  5. Karma Lakelands: If you are interested in experiencing the beauty of the city of Gurgaon then definitely spending a few days over here is definitely a great idea so that you can enjoy the optimum combination of hospitality with luxury. The environmentally friendly golf resort at this place is basically one of the most important areas that you need to visit to enjoy the beauty in the lap of nature. This place is basically the award-winning nine-hole boutique golf course and is very well successful in featuring glamorous areas like a grand ballroom, conference room and outdoor swimming pools. Furthermore, this particular place is one of the most important places which is consistently indulging itself in multiple eco-friendly initiatives like organic farming, water harvesting and vermicomposting. Overall element of luxury in this case is very well present so that everybody can enjoy the elite lifestyle and it is all about nurturing the world around us.
  6. Heritage Transport Museum: This is one of the most unique museums which has been dedicated to the history and evolution of transportation in India. This is located approximately 35 km away from the city of Manesar and is a very important museum which houses a significant collection of vintage cars, motorcycles, bicycles and other modes of transportation. This place very well includes the modes of transportation which played a significant role in the development of transportation in India.
  7. Sultanpur National Park: Basically this is a very important Bird sanctuary which is located in the Gurgaon district of Haryana it is approximately 10-15 km from Manesar. This was established in 1972 and covers an area of 1.43 km². This is a very popular destination for bird watchers and nature lovers. This park is home to more than 250 varieties of resident and migratory birds including the grey Francolin, Kingfisher and other varieties of ducks and geese.

The peak season to visit Manesar is from October-March because during this time you can easily expect clear sky and comfortable temperatures which will be very much suitable for tourism activity. Apart from this, booking your room in the ITC Grand Bharat is definitely a great approach because in this case, you can enjoy a luxury retreat with a very smooth check-in and checkout process and flexible policies which will provide you with a perfect experience of hospitality and tourism.