Thinking of buying a new car soon? If so, it’s worth thinking of it as an investment. Your car is something that not only needs to match your tastes and preferences but be suited to your driving style and practical needs too. And when the time comes around to sell it, you ideally don’t want to lose a lot of money on your car either.

Quality should be your top priority when you’re choosing your next set of wheels. Whether you’re shopping around or simply not sure where to start, it’s worth learning about some of the best automotive brands in the world.

Three of the best car manufacturers in the brand

  1. Volkswagen

A firm favourite for families, working professionals and car enthusiasts alike, there’s a great selection of Volkswagen cars on the market.

From sporty hatchbacks to practical family cars and large SUVs, Volkswagen cars include some of the latest engine technologies and safety features. This esteemed German brand is well known for producing reliable, timeless, and family-friendly cars. The latest models frequently receive five-star Euro NCAP safety ratings.

There’s a VW model for almost every purpose and style. The Polo, for example, is a small and spritely hatchback perfect for city commuters and new drivers. Or, if you need a reliable hatchback that comfortably fits five people and all the luggage, look no further than a Golf. Available in a range of specifications, this model tops out with the class-leading Golf R.

  1. BMW

If you’re the type of driver who seeks thrills on every journey, BMW could be the right car brand choice for you. This reputable manufacture is famed across the world for producing stylish luxury vehicles that step up to almost any task.

There are powerful coupes, towering SUVs, and sensible estate cars in the BMW lineup, all fitted with premium equipment and thoughtful details. These cars hold their value well too, so it’s worth looking for quality accessories. We’d recommend that you check components carefully and fit your new car with approved BMW tyres.

In line with government’s initiatives to get more emissions-free vehicles on the roads, BMW is shifting its fleet focus towards all-electric models. For BMW fans looking to make a greener choice in 2024, fuel-free driving never looked better than a 330e.

  1. Toyota

Finding a more affordable vehicle doesn’t need to mean compromising on reliability or quality of engineering. Buying a Toyota means that you’ll get a sturdy, reliable and practical vehicle that’s ready to go as far as you need it to.

Toyota produces plenty of models, so there’s truly something for everyone. Amongst the most popular, the Yaris and Corolla hatchbacks are brilliant for fuss-free city driving, complete with all the modern conveniences you’d expect from a luxury car too. The tiny Toyota Aygo is brilliant for new drivers, while the classic Hilux consistently scores highly in world-class pickup rankings.

There are so many reasons to buy a Toyota, with the company’s sterling reputation and green commitments up there with the most important. But any Toyota car will be reliable, attractive, and cost-effective too.

Still undecided? If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, it’s best not to rush into a decision. Take your time browsing the available options, and make sure that no matter which car you choose, you look after it with quality parts and timely maintenance.