The number of cars that are stolen all across Australia continues to increase year-on-year and even though many new cars have the best technology installed in them to deter thieves, someone always seems to be able to find a way around. It can be very frustrating as an owner knowing that your vehicle is never 100% secure no matter where you park it and so this is one of the reasons why many people decide not to park their car on the driveway or on the street when they go to sleep at night. There are so many anti-theft solutions currently available to you and yet car theft continues to go up.

This is why many people are investing their hard-earned cash into garages and not your typical brick-and-mortar ones that you will probably see around your local neighbourhood. These are quite expensive to build and you may need permission from the local authority to do so. There are other alternatives that are made from the finest material and these are actually garages that you can disassemble and take with you when you leave. This is one way to keep your car safe at your home or business and the following are just some others.

  1. Turn the wheels inwards – What is meant here is that when you exit the car at night and you are parking your 4 X 4 vehicle on the streetthen make sure that you turn the wheels inwards towards the curb. This may seem very simple but it does make it a little harder for thieves to get away quickly in your car if they do break into it. Once they break in and start the engine, hopefully, you will hear them and due to the fact that they have to straighten up the car before they can pull away, this may give you time to get a good look at them.
  2. Install a security camera – This is always a good idea because it is an excellent deterrent to opportunist thieves who are walking around your neighbourhood. If they see that you have a security camera installed then they will move on to easier pickings further down the road. It’s always a good idea to put the sign so that people can clearly see that they are being watched by closed-circuit television.
  3. Install more lights – Security lights nowadays come with sensors and so if anyone walks close to your car then they will be lit up like a Christmas tree. Hopefully, this will put them off from even trying to gain access to your vehicleand so this is money very well spent. It will also light up the area so that your security camera can capture them.

It is so frustrating that you have to do these things in order to protect what is yours but it is the time that we live in. You can also get etching put onto the windows around your vehicle including the windscreen and this is a fantastic deterrent.