If you are a parent of a toddler who is concerned about early learning and you would like to learn more about what early learning involves, you have definitely come to the right place, as we outline the major components of a good early learning program.

Developing creativity & imagination

This is a main focus of an early learning program; take Ballarat Early Learning Centre as a good example; they use story-telling and art to develop creativity & imagination within the students. The carers are a mixture of students training and experienced early learning teachers and they have a great connection with parents, who are considered participants in the learning program and are encouraged to be involved in the program. Weekly meetings between parents & carers ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Modelling proper behaviour

Early learning teachers and staff understand that children mimic their peers, so they are always polite and respectful, which is a major aspect of encouraging correct social behaviour. Stories with sound moral undertones instil good morals within the children, which is a very important aspect of early learning. Click here for information on distance learning and how it can be used.

Exploring in a safe environment

Much of early learning is experiential; young kids need to be able to explore their surroundings in a safe environment, which is what an early learning program provides. There would be at least one soft room inside and one outside, while the carer-student ratio should be low, 1:6 would be suitable. If you are ready to start looking at early learning centres, Google can give you a list of suitable programs within your local community.

Lifelong learning

It is a goal of every early learning program to encourage a love of learning within the students; this is done by using a fun-based approach to learning. Using a child-centred approach puts the child at the centre of the learning process, which is critical if you want the best learning outcomes. If you can instill this love of learning in a young child, this is something that will be with them for the rest of their life and is a very valuable asset for any person to have.

Book a tour

Once you have a shortlist of early learning programs, the next step is to book a tour of the facilities, enabling you to compare. The kids should be happy and if they are not, this is something to seriously consider as being unsuitable. Prepare some questions to ask the school principal and your tour should include observing classroom activities.

Talk to your partner before making a final decision and do take your child at least once before their first day, so they will not be anxious on the big day. Early learning programs should be child-centred and we hope this article helps you to find the best program for your child.