When your business first started years ago it was a one-person shop, but over time your success has grown and you have spread out across city and state lines with new locations far and wide to accommodate the large amount of commerce you do! Being that widespread can make communications difficult, even with video conferencing, email, and other internet solutions it’s hard sometimes to hold it all together and keep things running the way you want them to.

Fortunately, there is a way that you can bring your people together in one, private virtual space that only your authorised employees have access to, a place to hold important meetings, share information, and even socialize! All you need to do is make use of intranet programs that are designed to provide your business with this important digital workplace! Intranets are very powerful tools in today’s fast-moving world of far-flung offices and the need to share data on an instantaneous basis! Let’s take a closer look at just some of the many benefits the establishment of an intranet can provide for your business!

Internal Communications – These are greatly improved by the presence of an intranet that encourages and provides a dedicated platform for internal communication to every corner of your organization. Your teams will be able to engage in open discussions with each other across long distances, while Individuals can easily share knowledge to get the job done! An intranet makes it much simpler for your company’s leadership to stay in touch with employees, while the various departments can keep each other informed with important updates that affect the organization as a whole. The communication can flow in many directions, any member of the company is able to share information, and everyone has the ability to comment and provide feedback. The presence of your private intranet streamlines all of your business’s communications by gathering them into one convenient virtual place.

Connects Your Company – These days many companies no longer have just one central location. While they may have a main office somewhere, the reality is that they occupy many physically separate spaces across a wide area, even on the other side of the globe. Having an intranet in place helps to connect your company across multiple locations and time zones. An intranet acts as the central online hub for your organization, providing a place for conversations to occur, events to be planned, and for company news to be shared. Your company’s intranet brings your teams together no matter where they may be located physically, allowing every team member to interact, sharing insights and information from wherever they happen to be based at onward to the company as a whole. No matter how far away your staff is flung around the world, they can always meet in a safe space just for them, your private intranet.

The Australian Government’s Department of Employment and Workplace Relation’s Workforce Australia has a lot of great information on today’s business advances, and are a useful resource.  We hope you will consider implementing an intranet for your business, it can really do you a world of good!