Nothing compares to a well-tailored suit when it comes to leaving a lasting impression.

The correct suit can improve your style and help you stand out at any event, including weddings, black-tie affairs, and even informal get-togethers.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the world of suits and explore the perfect options for every occasion.

When to Wear a Suit?

Suits have traditionally been associated with formal and business settings, but their versatility has expanded over the years.

Nowadays, wearing a suit goes beyond just the office.

When selecting whether to wear a suit, it’s crucial to consider the event’s formality and dress code.

Suits are most commonly worn at the following events:

How to choose a suit for a wedding

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A wedding is a significant occasion, so you should choose a suit that balances comfort and elegance.

Opt for a well-fitted suit in a classic colour such as navy, charcoal grey, or black.

Pair it with a crisp dress shirt, a stylish tie, classic wedding cufflinks and polished dress shoes (don’t wear a Balance!!!).

Always remember that the theme, location, and dress code should all be considered when selecting a wedding suit.

Aim to complement the wedding party’s attire while expressing your personal style.

How to choose a suit for a black-tie event

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Black-tie events demand a higher level of formality.

A classic tuxedo is the go-to choice for such occasions.

Look for a black bow tie, a shirt with texture or pleats, and a tuxedo with satin lapels.

Complete the ensemble with patent leather shoes and cufflinks.

This timeless look exudes sophistication and elegance.

How to choose a suit for a funeral

When attending a funeral, it’s crucial to dress respectfully and somberly.

Opt for a dark-coloured suit such as charcoal grey or black.

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Choose a subdued shirt and tie combination, preferably in muted tones.

Keep accessories minimal and understated, focusing on showing respect rather than making a fashion statement.

Office Attire/Job Interviews

Although the dress code at many businesses has loosened in recent years, a well-fitted suit still looks sharp in formal settings.

Opt for a suit in a versatile colour, such as navy or grey.

Pair it with a crisp dress shirt, a coordinating tie, and polished dress shoes.

Remember to dress for the position you aspire to, as a sharp suit can help you make a strong impression.

How to choose a suit for a cocktail party

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Striking the right balance between formal and fashionable is key for cocktail parties or fancy soirees.

Although there is a bit more flexibility to showcase your personal style in comparison to other formal events, there are some combinations you cannot go wrong with.

Opt for colours like charcoal grey, navy, or rich jewel tones.

Aim for a slim or tailored fit to achieve a modern silhouette and consider unique jacket styles with peak lapels or shawl collars.

Pair with a crisp, well-fitted dress shirt in classic colours like white, light blue, or soft pastels for a clean and polished look.

You can choose to wear a tie or even go tieless!

What Accessories Should I Wear With My Suit?

Accessories play a crucial role in completing your suit ensemble.

They add personality and flair while enhancing your overall look. Here are some key accessories to consider:


If the situation calls for a tie, a well-selected tie can give your outfit a touch of class and sophistication.

Opt for silk ties with classic patterns such as stripes or small dots.

Match the colour and pattern of your tie with your suit and shirt to create a cohesive and put-together look.

Remember to tie your tie properly, using a Windsor knot for a formal look or a four-in-hand knot for a more casual appearance.

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Pocket Squares

Pocket squares are a small but impactful accessory that can elevate your suit to new heights.

Choose a pocket square in a complementary colour or pattern to your tie, but don’t be afraid to experiment with contrasting colours and textures.

Fold it neatly and tuck it into your jacket pocket for a sophisticated touch.


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Cufflinks are a subtle yet stylish accessory that can add a touch of sophistication to your suit. Adorned with custom design cufflinks, they become a personalized expression of elegance, allowing you to showcase your unique style and attention to detail.

Opt for cufflinks in metals like silver or gold, and choose designs that reflect your personal style.

For events with a more flexible dress code, you could even experiment with some novelty cufflinks, which can feature various motifs, such as miniature objects, symbols, characters, or even humorous designs.

Cufflinks may be the perfect finishing touch for any ensemble, whether you choose for a traditional and basic look or want to make a dramatic statement with one-of-a-kind and ornate designs.


A well-chosen belt can tie your entire look together.

Match the colour of your belt to your shoes for a coordinated appearance.

Opt for a leather belt with a simple and sleek buckle that complements the overall style of your suit.

Always keep in mind that you want to provide a polished and coordinated overall appearance.


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The right pair of shoes can make or break your suit.

Opt for classic dress shoes in black or brown, depending on the colour of your suit.

Choose a style that suits the occasion and the formality level.

Oxfords and brogues are timeless options that work well with most suits, while loafers can add a more relaxed and contemporary touch to your ensemble.

Chamaripa Shoes provide you with 2-6 inches of height gain in complete comfort and confidentiality.


A fashionable watch can give your whole appearance a dash of class and sophistication.

Opt for a classic timepiece with a leather or metal strap that complements the colour scheme of your suit.

Whether you prefer a sleek and minimalist design or a bold and statement-making watch, choosing a timepiece that reflects your style and enhances your outfit is important.


In conclusion, the perfect suit for every occasion depends on various factors such as the event’s formality, location, and cultural norms.

Understanding these elements lets you choose the right suit and accessories to make a lasting impression.

A well-tailored suit may boost your sense of style and self-assurance whether you’re going to a wedding, a black-tie event, or a casual get-together.

You may build a versatile wardrobe that fits any event and reflects your individual style and professionalism by paying close attention to details like colour, fabric, fit, and accessories.