Charity is the art of giving. Charity can be as little as lending a helping hand to someone in need or as large as a $1M donation. Ultimately, any act that is motivated to help improve someone else’s life is considered charity. When you set a goal to help improve an individual’s life, you are usually led by an instinct to help resolve their problem, which is considered a charitable act. Let’s delve into the impact of giving to charity and how your act of kindness can return to you in full circle.

Lead by Example

When you give to charity, you can create a lasting impression on those who have witnessed your act of kindness. Viewing help being delivered to an individual can have a major ripple effect on a being.  For example, if there is an individual who is used to paying charity through card machines that collect donations during personal transactions in shopping markets and they have witnessed you donating Sadaqah to a charity that helps look after orphans voluntarily, then they can be inspired to do more.


By contributing to a cause greater than yourself, you delve into unlocking a purer sense of happiness and, in more cases than not, will have a glowing and vibrant personality. We all like associating ourselves with relatable communities to which we can contribute. By doing so, we also release a chemical in the brain called dopamine. When practiced regularly, you can self-encourage yourself to spread better in the world, making positive use of your

Strengthening Your Community

A charity that gets the attention of its community is destined for success. There is often a saying that goes, “Charity starts at home”. This is especially true when applied to small charities that are trying to support a large number of people. By researching your local charities, you can support active causes by volunteering. Spreading goodness within your community will help make you more reputable as a person, and others will be able to vouch for your kind acts.

Keeping the Cause Relevant

Regular charitable donations help keep the cause relevant. When you post about a new food bank opening in your neighborhood, your family and friends may wish to share that post to help spread awareness. This can reach audiences across the globe and gain international attraction. Someone may be inspired to start a funding page for the cause, which can then receive further donations and help more individuals.

Understanding Real World Problems in Real Time

Helping others through charitable acts keeps you informed of the issues at hand. When you take the time to engage in an opportunity to help someone in need, you also build an understanding of what problems are occurring.

Faster Improvements

When donating to charities, your attention to the cause can contribute to the process of developing efficient improvements of aid, reaching those that need it the most. Being part of a movement or a charity that you believe in can help create popularity around the matter; when enough people are attracted to the cause, it then becomes popular. When popularity meets the right audience, the cause often results in a community of like-minded people who wish to resolve the issue at hand. Attraction leads to action. Furthermore, you can be at an advantage in the future if you need assistance from the aid provider as they would be advanced with their aid.

Ultimately, charity is a two-way street; you get out of it what you put into it. So, do your bit for someone in need today.