Siri Kately is a renowned astrologer and spiritual teacher known for her insight and wisdom in astrology, numerology, tarot, and other esoteric practices. She was born on December 26, 1956, in New York City, USA. Siri Kately grew up in a family of artists and intellectuals, which influenced her interest in spirituality and the mystical arts.

Early Life and Family Background

Siri Kately’s father was a painter, and her mother was a writer. Her parents were part of the bohemian culture of the 1960s, and they exposed her to a wide range of cultural experiences from a young age. Siri Kately’s early life and family background played a significant role in shaping who she is today. Her exposure to the arts and spirituality at a young age helped her develop a deep interest in the mystical arts and set her on a path towards a career in astrology and spirituality.


Siri Kately’s career began in the 1980s when she started working as an astrologer. She quickly gained a reputation for her accuracy and insight, which led to her becoming a sought-after astrologer for clients across the United States. Over the years, Siri Kately has expanded her practice to include other esoteric practices, such as numerology and tarot readings.

Siri Kately is also a spiritual teacher, and she has written several books on spirituality and personal growth. Her teachings focus on the integration of spirituality into daily life and the importance of personal transformation. She has also led numerous workshops and retreats to help individuals deepen their spiritual practice and connect with their higher selves.

Personal Life and Relationships

Siri Kately is a private person and has not shared much about her personal life. However, it is known that she has been married twice, and she has three children. She is also a grandmother to two grandchildren. In her personal life, Siri Kately is said to be warm and caring, with a genuine interest in helping others. She is passionate about personal growth and transformation, and this is reflected in her work as an astrologer and spiritual teacher.

Net Worth

Siri Kately’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million. Her income comes from a variety of sources related to her work as an astrologer and spiritual teacher. She charges a fee for her astrology consultations, which are in high demand due to her accuracy and insight. Additionally, Siri Kately has written several books on spirituality and personal growth, which have sold well and continue to generate income through royalties. She also conducts workshops and retreats, which offer individuals the opportunity to deepen their spiritual practice and connect with their higher selves. These events also generate income for Siri Kately.

To conclude

Siri Kately’s life and career have been dedicated to helping individuals connect with their spiritual selves and achieve personal transformation. Through her work as an astrologer, spiritual teacher, and author, she has touched the lives of countless individuals, helping them find meaning and purpose in their lives. Siri Kately’s wisdom and insight continue to inspire and guide individuals on their spiritual journey.