In a shocking turn of events, a shooting incident that occurred in Orlando has taken a tragic turn, with the suspect ultimately being shot and killed by US Marshals in New Jersey. The incident, which unfolded on a fateful day, has left authorities and the community in both Orlando and Jersey City grappling with the aftermath. In this article, we explore the details surrounding this unfortunate shooting incident, shedding light on the events that transpired and the efforts made by law enforcement agencies to bring the suspect to justice.

Attempted Arrest Turns Fatal: US Marshals Confront Orlando Murder Suspect

The suspect in question, identified as Esteban De Jesus, 56, was the subject of an arrest warrant for murder and attempted murder related to a recent shooting in Orlando. US Marshals, acting on credible information, located De Jesus in Jersey City and attempted to serve the arrest warrant on Saturday night. Tragically, the encounter took a fatal turn, resulting in De Jesus being shot by the marshals.

An Urgent Search for Justice: Background of the Orlando Shooting

The initial incident that sparked this unfortunate chain of events occurred in Orlando along the 2000 block of Raper Dairy Road. Leonidas Duran, 67, tragically lost her life in a violent attack, while her husband sustained a gunshot wound. Law enforcement responded to a distress call reporting an individual being attacked by an assailant armed with a machete and a gun.

Upon arrival, officers discovered Leonidas Duran’s lifeless body, with multiple cuts and a gunshot wound to her chest. Her husband, also injured, was found at the apartment complex’s doorway. The Orlando Police Department promptly identified Esteban De Jesus, the son of the Durans’ next-door neighbor, as the primary suspect in the vicious assault.

Eyewitness Account: Community Member Recounts the Horrifying Scene

Linda Ramos, a neighbor and witness to the gruesome incident, described the chilling events that unfolded before her eyes. She recounted how De Jesus unleashed a terrifying attack on Leonidas Duran, repeatedly striking her with a machete. Ramos, along with a few brave individuals, attempted to intervene and prevent further harm.

As law enforcement arrived at the scene, the chaotic situation unfolded, causing a temporary confusion. Ramos mentioned that officers initially focused their attention on the husband, mistaking him as the perpetrator. The subsequent realization that he was not responsible added to the intense and emotional atmosphere.

Investigations Underway: Seeking Answers in the Fatal Encounter

The New Jersey Office of the Attorney General has initiated an investigation into the shooting incident involving the US Marshals and the subsequent death of Esteban De Jesus. At this stage, limited information has been released regarding the factors that led to the marshals opening fire. The ongoing investigation aims to shed light on the events preceding the tragic outcome, providing answers to the pressing questions surrounding the incident.

Community Response and Support: Healing in the Wake of Tragedy

The Orlando community, along with family and friends of the victims, is grappling with the profound loss resulting from this senseless act of violence. The tragic shooting has underscored the need for increased awareness and initiatives addressing the root causes of such incidents. Support networks, counseling services, and community organizations are coming together to provide solace, guidance, and resources to those affected.

Rebuilding Trust: Law Enforcement’s Commitment to Accountability

Incidents like the shooting in Orlando and subsequent events highlight the importance of trust and transparency between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve. As investigations continue, authorities are working diligently to ensure a thorough and unbiased examination of the circumstances surrounding the shooting. By holding themselves accountable and providing timely updates, law enforcement aims to foster trust and maintain open lines of communication with the public.


The shooting incident in Orlando, resulting in the untimely death of Esteban De Jesus at the hands of US Marshals in New Jersey, has shaken both communities involved. The tragic loss of life and the circumstances leading to this unfortunate outcome have left lasting scars. As the investigation unfolds, authorities and community members strive to find solace and healing in the wake of this devastating incident. The path to justice and understanding will require a collective effort, as both Orlando and Jersey City grapple with the aftermath and work towards preventing similar incidents in the future.