Many Thai people make a good living selling products online; much like any developed country, Thailand has embraced e-commerce; a booming 3PL industry is testament to this. In this short article, we offer valuable information to help you turn your business idea into a thriving business.

One stop IT solutions

If you are smart, you will use a single provider for all your IT needs;

Your IT services provider can:

  • Design and build a shopping cart website
  • Host the website
  • Administrate the website
  • Set up digital payment gateways
  • Provide cyber security

Your partnership with a local IT services provider is a critical one, they can manage your site and make sure you are never offline.

Choosing a product line

This is where you need to do a lot of market research; the product must be in high demand, be of excellent quality and have a future. Of course, you want to procure the product at source, directly from the manufacturer, rather than buying from a wholesaler. China is the place to go for cheap products, while here in Thailand, there are many textile factories. You could sell a wide range of powered drinks, with instant tea powder in your very own brand; contact a manufacturer for more details.


This can be a major headache, especially if you are a busy store; we advise you to hook up with an established 3PL warehouse and let the professionals deal with order fulfilment. All you need to do is deliver your products and packaging to their warehouse, then you simply email all orders and they handle everything. It is important to offer fast and reliable delivery, which customers expect these days.

Digital marketing

To be perfectly frank, without digital marketing, you have little chance of sustained growth; make contact with a leading Bangkok-based SEO agency and let the professionals optimise your store for Google searches. The first thing an agency does is to audit your online profile to determine the strength of your online footprint. This enables them to put together a dynamic digital marketing plan and should you be in agreement, implementation can begin. Smart e-commerce entrepreneurs always have a monthly budget for online marketing, as they understand the importance of professional digital marketing. One thing is for sure, your competition are using digital marketing agencies, so you do need to invest in a top agency, with ongoing work, your digital footprint will grow. Click here for the benefits of SEO for your business.

Setting up a business in Thailand

If you have fallen in love with Thailand and wish to set up a small e-commerce business, contact the Thai Board of Investment for details on business registration. This allows you to obtain a long-term visa and you can sleep well at night, knowing that your business is fully legal. Talk to an English-speaking Thai lawyer about the many options and he/she can point you in the right direction; pay your taxes and you will remain fully compliant.

We hope the above information helps you navigate setting up an e-commerce business in Thailand.