Sally McNeil, a former bodybuilder, made headlines in 1995 when she murdered her husband Ray McNeil on Valentine’s Day. As of November 2022, Netflix has released a three-part documentary called “Killer Sally,” which explores the case in detail. Despite accusations of abuse that led to Ray’s death, Sally’s first husband, Anthony Lowden, believes that he could have been the one shot and killed. In this article, we take a closer look at Sally McNeil’s first marriage, her net worth, and how her story ended up on Netflix.

Sally McNeil: From Bodybuilder to Murderer

Sally McNeil was a bodybuilder who became famous for the wrong reasons after being charged with Ray McNeil’s murder, her second husband. Sally’s first marriage was to Anthony Lowden, with whom she had a child, Shantina. Lowden believes he could have been the one who died, as he has repeatedly accused Sally of being “unhinged” after taking up bodybuilding.

Following an altercation with Lowden in 1990 that resulted in Sally’s arrest for brandishing a firearm and damaging a car with a metal bar, she and Lowden divorced. Three years later, Sally married Ray McNeil, another former Marine Corps officer, whom she would eventually murder.

Sally McNeil’s Net Worth

It’s unclear how much Sally McNeil is worth today, but information about her financial status in the past is readily available. According to publicly available records, Sally’s former home in Poway, California, was purchased for $184,000 in 1993. Sally and Ray owned several properties in California and Colorado, with a combined worth of over a million dollars.

Aside from real estate, it’s unclear how Sally made her money. She was a bodybuilder and participated in competitions, but there is no record of any significant earnings from these ventures.

Killer Sally: How Sally McNeil’s Story Ended Up on Netflix

Netflix has become the go-to streaming platform for documentaries like “Killer Sally.” Released on November 2, 2022, the three-part series delves into Sally McNeil’s life and the events that led to Ray McNeil’s murder. The show includes interviews with friends, family members, and law enforcement officials involved in the case.

The series also revealed that Sally has since remarried and is on parole. She is currently married to her third husband, Norfleet Stewart, whom she met at a support group. Sally’s daughter, Shantina, lived with her grandmother after Sally’s conviction, and her son, John, was living with the McNeils at the time of Ray’s death.


Sally McNeil’s story of a bodybuilder turned murderer continues to captivate audiences worldwide. Despite her crimes, Sally’s net worth was once considerable, thanks to her and Ray’s real estate investments. Today, she is married to her third husband and continues to live her life behind bars. Until Sally’s story appeared on Netflix, many were unaware of the tragic tale of the former bodybuilder who turned to murder.