Salesha Ali is popular as the celebrity spouse of James Allen Whitmore III, a director as well as an actor who is known by his stage name “James Whitmore Jr.” Salesha Ali is also the eldest daughter-in-law of the late award-winning actor James Allen Whitmore Junior.

Family Life Of Salesha Ali

Though not much is known about her, Salesha Ali and her partner James Whitmore III walk down the aisle and said “I do” on March 28th, 1972, in a small, closed ceremony. Married for more than five decades, Salesha Ali and her husband share four children and their eldest son is James Allen Whitmore IV, a.k.a. James Whitmore III who is also an actor. Despite being married into a famous Hollywood family, Salesha Ali has largely kept a low profile and has focused on her own career and charitable endeavors.

Despite being married to a Hollywood figure, Salesha Ali has largely kept a low profile and is not often seen in the public eye. However, Salesha Ali has been known to attend industry events with her husband, including the Academy Awards and the Emmy Awards. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, James Whitmore described his wife as an incredible partner and praised her intelligence and work ethic.

About Salesha Ali’s Husband, James Allen Whitmore III

Officially named James Allen Whitmore III, the veteran actor and director James Whitmore Jr. is the eldest son of the deceased Emmy Award, Golden Globe Award and Grammy winner James Allen Whitmore Jr. Broadway actress Audra Lindley and her first spouse James Allen Whitmore Jr. welcomed their eldest son James Allen Whitmore III on 24th October 1948. Whitmore III’s father also served in the American Navy during the Second World War. During his later years, James Allen Whitmore Jr. Even received a distinction on his Hollywood Walk of Fame.

James Whitmore Jr. is famous for playing Captain Jim Gutterman in the 1976 TV show “Baa Baa Black Sheep.” Afterwards Whitmore Jr. became a director, and his most popular work was the American sci-fi TV program “Quantum Leap” where he directed 15 episodes.

Philanthropic Works Of Salesha Ali

In addition to her career in real estate, Salesha is also actively involved in several charitable organizations. She is a board member of the James Whitmore Foundation, which was established in honor of her father-in-law and provides scholarships and grants to aspiring actors, writers, and filmmakers. Salesha is also involved with the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital, the American Cancer Society, and several other charitable organizations.

Salesha and James Whitmore have also been supportive of each other’s endeavors throughout their marriage. James even credited his wife, Salesha Ali, as someone who provided him with support and stability throughout his career. In addition to attending industry events together, the couple has worked together on several charitable projects. They have also been involved in their children’s education, with Salesha serving as a PTA president at their children’s school.


Overall, Salesha Ali has led a successful and fulfilling life, with a successful career in real estate and active involvement in several charitable organizations. Salesha’s dedication to her work and charitable causes, as well as her support for her husband and family, have made her an admirable figure in her own right.