Bathroom renovations are among the most favored projects for Americans and have been so for many years. It is estimated that each year, more than 14 million households upgrade or remodel their bathroom in some way. And while the exact numbers can vary from one city to another. And according to SGI Dallas, an expert property management company, places like Wichita, Houston, Dallas, and Kansas City are some of the major renovation epicenters.

Interestingly, one of the biggest motivating factors behind people remodeling their bathrooms is that they can no longer tolerate the outdated style of the previous bathroom, with 48% of respondents in a recent poll stating this reason. Other reasons included severe damage to the old bathroom (33%), enhancing the resale value, and finally having the means (28%), as well as making the bathroom more accommodating (24%).

Also, certain trends are driving the industry forward. These include more functional yet elegant fixtures, gravitation toward natural lighting, and, more recently, the replacement of tubs with showers. If you are a resident of Wichita, you can look up Wichita shower replacement on Google to locate some of the leading contractors in your area.

Given that, the following are a few of the main grounds for remodeling or repairing your bathroom:

First reason: The bathroom is used more often than any other room in the house

Even though it may go without saying, the bathroom serves a special purpose, making it perhaps the most important and frequently used room in a house. When you give nature’s call any thought, you can cook and sleep practically anywhere, but there is actually only one spot you can go. So, it’s crucial to pay attention to any bathroom-related repairs that need to be made.

It is pointless to use a bathroom that is breaking down, whose flushing fixture is broken or that is overrun with all types of bugs. Also, since men spend a great deal of time in their bathrooms, it is considered a place of Zen, peace, and relaxation by many. Even taking a quick shower can take up to 30 minutes. So it stands to reason that maintaining the room’s functionality and even doing periodic renovations to give it a homely feel is beneficial.

Second reason: The current design went out of fashion a long time ago

Remodeling your bathroom at least every ten years is a generally accepted principle. In addition to updating the appearance, any potential underlying issues should also be addressed. Showers that leak are typical in older bathrooms, along with broken floor tiles, mildew, and loose wall tiles that require maintenance. It happens frequently that matching tiles during a repair is impossible since they are no longer produced.

A dated bathroom can be made more appealing by remodeling; it will also guarantee that all of the equipment, such as your toilet, bathtub, faucets, and shower, are in good working condition. Remodeling to update the style also means you add exquisite, modern, functional, and aesthetic touches. In general, it is human nature to lose interest in the same design if you keep looking at it over and over throughout the years. So, renovating needs to be a norm.

Third reason: A modern bathroom increases the resale value of your home

Bathroom repairs and renovations can greatly impact a home’s list price. Renovations to the kitchen and bathroom are typically prioritized by both homeowners who intend to live in a home for a long time and investors looking to sell a property. The main motivation for doing this is to increase a home’s worth, update these spaces’ aesthetics, and make them more suited to individual tastes.

The standard complete bathroom remodel cost homeowners a little over $26,500 in 2022, and the typical returns on these during resale were close to $16,000, or 60%. In all 50 states, the average bathroom makeover increased the property’s market value by an amount greater than the cost of the work. Even if you don’t intend to put the house on the market right now, you can anticipate getting a higher price for it down the road.

Fourth reason: Create more space in the room

Opening up the space inside the bathroom makes it feel less claustrophobic. Modern homes are known for having spacious rooms since they give the house a more opulent feel. Surprisingly, a small bathroom can feel more spacious with only a few minor improvements.

However, it requires a lot of preparation and in-depth discussions with a qualified interior designer. The room may simply require the addition of a new, stylish countertop or the installation of a shower in place of the tub for it to appear larger than it is. You can also accomplish this goal by installing mirrors or a window to let in more natural light.

Fifth reason: Save water

People are now very conscious about their water and power consumption. More and more households are gravitating towards improvements and repairs that potentially conserve a tiny bit of energy because these resources are finite and their extensive usage harms the environment. To save more water, whether when using the toilet, washing your hands, or taking a shower, is a major driving force behind bathroom renovations.

One option to achieve this is to switch out the bathtub for a low-flow shower, install sensor-activated faucets, or buy an intelligent toilet that uses much less water than a regular one. These accessories are no longer pricey because of technological improvements and the emergence of more affordable building materials. Replacing standard hardware with these more effective solutions is advisable if you are undertaking a bathroom repair project.


People renovate or repair their bathrooms for a variety of reasons. Although most of these reasons are motivated by personal preferences and likes, these undertakings also have advantages. When you repair or renovate your bathroom, you get a fantastic return on the money you spend and an increasingly fashionable and stylish look.