If you enjoy watching TV, then Ernie Hudson must be a familiar face. He is mostly known for his role in one of the major sci-fi blockbusters, Ghostbusters. Rahaman Hudson is the son of the popular American actor.

You would also recognize Rahaman’s father through his numerous roles in the acting industry. He was in Ghostbusters, Leviathan, The Hand That Rocks the Cradle, Airheads, and The Basketball Diaries. The actor has played numerous roles that were major hits at the box office.

Ghostbusters was his most iconic movie. He is also set to appear as the same character, Winston in the Ghostbusters movie sequel that premiered in 2020.

If you want to know more about Rahaman Hudson and his family, keep reading here.

Personal Life and Education

Rahaman Hudson is the second son of Ernie Hudson and his ex-wife Jeannie Moore. Rahman Hudson has one brother and two step-siblings. There is no information about the birthday of Rahaman Hudson.

After his divorce from Jeannie Moore, Ernie remarried and had two more sons with Linda Kingsberg. Thus, Rahman’s two other brothers are Andrew and Ross Hudson.

Information about Rahaman’s personal life is yet to be revealed. Whether he is in a relationship or married is unknown. Ernie does not talk much about his children either.

In addition, there are no details about where Rahaman went to school. However, it is plausible to assume that he attended good schools. The educational institutions attended by Rahaman Hudson are unknown, and so are his highest levels of education.

Rahaman Hudson’s Father

Earnie Hudson met the love of his life at age eighteen. Jeannie Moore was sixteen years old when she met Earnie. However, the relationship did not work out. The couple separated in 1976. Rahaman and Ernie Hudson Jr moved in with their dad after the separation. They lived in California.

The film in which Earnie Hudson debuted was Penitentiary, which premiered in 1982. After that, his career began to grow as played other roles such as The Duke of Hazzard and The A-Team.

Earnie Hudson had a role in Oz together with one of his sons, Ernie Hudson Jr. Some of his major roles earned him numerous Award nominations. He also won best actor in a TV series.

Rahaman Hudson’s Career and Net Worth

Details about where Rahaman Hudson works are yet to be revealed. Besides, the line of work in which Hudson works remains unknown. Without details about his job or source of income, it is hard to estimate Rahaman’s net worth. His father’s acting career over the years has generated substantial wealth. His net worth is approximately five million dollars.

Social Media

Rahaman is not on social media. He does not have an Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter account related to him. On the other hand, his dad is on social media. While there may not be photos posted by Rahaman himself, Earnie posts pictures of his family.

Wrapping Up

There is not much to say about Rahaman Hudson’s personal or professional life. He is a pretty private guy. Thus, we are yet to learn more about him.