We all know Joe Tessitore as one of the well-established broadcasters of ESPN. Anyone would recognize his hard-hit broadcasting skills in the boxing field. Besides being a fan-favorite broadcaster with a distinct style, Joe is the father of Nicolina Tessitore.

There is no doubt that Tessitore is incredibly creative and witty in his broadcasting work. What about his role as a father? Masses cannot help but rave about the ESPN professional. To that end, we have prepared all the information about Nicolina Tessitore and her family.

Personal Information

Nicolina was born to Joe and Rebecca Tessitore. The parents never revealed details about the birthday of their daughter. She is the youngest daughter of the couple.

Her older brother is called John Tessitore. He attends Boston College where he is a football player on the school team. Like his sister, his life is kept behind the cameras. For this reason, most details about his life remain unknown to the public eye.


Nicolina’s parents restrict the information about her life from getting to the public. As a result, any details related to her education are yet to be revealed. At her age, it is plausible to assume that she is in high school.

Joe Tessitore

As mentioned, Joe is already a fan favorite from his sportscasting career for ESPN and ABC. Are his fans the only ones in love with the celebrity? Joe Tessitore is a married man. He is happily married and has been for decades.

The broadcaster tied the knot with the love of his life after they had been dating for a long time. The couple is pretty private about the details of their marriage, including the wedding dates. He is yet to reveal their specific wedding date and other additional details about his family.

In a report, Joe mentioned that Rebecca had been his long-time girlfriend before they became married. When asked about his wedding, he revealed that it was a beautiful and intimate ceremony. Only their loved ones and family were present at the wedding.

Joe and his wife have a blissful marriage with two kids. As expected, they keep the information about their family away from the limelight. Interestingly, there have not been any controversies where a member of Joe’s family was involved.


Nicolina is probably in high school. She does not have a professional life yet.

On the other hand, Nicolina’s father has a flourishing broadcasting career. Any fan of Monday Night Football would recognize him. The reporter even has a nickname gained from his work, The Tess Effect.

At the start of his professional life, Joe worked for KXAS-TV. He later joined ESPN where he hosts a show called Tuesday Night Fights and Friday Night Fights. He is also an award-winning broadcaster. He has a net worth of approximately five million dollars.

Final Thoughts

Nicolina Tessitore leads a life behind the cameras. Since the maintains a low profile, there is little to no information about her life and that of her family.