If you have recently become a homeowner for the first time, congrats from us, an exciting (and expensive) time brings with it many challenges, not least the question of building maintenance. Houses do not take care of themselves and in this short article, we take a look at the many services an Australian property owner might require.

  • Emergency plumbing – The system that delivers water to all parts of the home is a complex network of pipes and joints and with high-pressure mains water, leaks can spring easily. Rather than waiting until you need one, Google ‘24-hour plumber near me’ and put their emergency number in your smartphone memory.
  • Window cleaner – To maintain a fresh and bright ambience, you need to have affordable window cleaning services in Sydney, a company that works with your schedule. Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, the team arrive and before you know it, your windows are sparkling clean!
  • 24-hour electrician– Should the worst happen and your power trips out, calling a local electrician is the sensible thing to do. You won’t need to be reminded that electricity is dangerous and only approved electricians should work with power. Some charge extra for out-of-hours calls and some do not, verify when talking to the contractor.
  • Drain specialist– A blocked drain is every homeowner’s nightmare; fortunately, there are drain specialists in all Australian cities and they have the know-how and the resources to deal with anything. You can ask for a CCTV drain inspection to determine the condition of the pipes, plus the technician can power flush the system to prevent further blockages.
  • Small builder– There will be odd jobs that arise and when you have a list, ask a local builder to handle it and it will be done in a couple of hours. He can also carry out building maintenance, roof inspections and any improvements you wish to make, he can present a quote.
  • Roofer – Ask a local roofing contractor to inspect your roof on an annual basis and minor issues can be fixed on the spot. Should you suffer storm damage and your roof is leaking, the roofer would have an out-of-hours number to call.
  • Garden maintenance– Unless you happen to love gardening, you can call a local landscape gardener and have them add your home to their maintenance list; you choose the frequency of the visits and the remove all green waste and clean up, leaving your garden looking spotless.
  • HVAC Servicing – Regardless of the make (or type) of climate control system you have, it needs regular maintenance; twice a year is recommended and failure to do so would impact the efficiency of the system.

It makes perfect sense to maintain the biggest single investment in your life, namely your home. Pre-source all the above provider numbers and store them in your mobile device. This means you are ready for anything and everything.