Myra Einstein’s Childhood

Myra Einstein was born into a family of intellectuals and scholars on August 18, 1959. Her father, Bernhard Caesar Einstein, was the son of Hans Albert Einstein, who was a physicist and the oldest son of Albert Einstein. Her mother, Doris Schweizer, was a Swiss photographer and artist. Myra grew up in a household that valued education, science, and the arts, and these values undoubtedly had a profound influence on her as she grew up.


Myra’s parents were both accomplished in their respective fields. Bernhard Caesar Einstein was a mathematician and physicist who studied at the University of California, Berkeley and the ETH Zürich, Switzerland. He married Doris Schweizer in 1954, and they had five children together, including Myra. Doris was a talented photographer and artist who studied at the Zurich School of Applied Arts. She passed away in 1998.


Myra had four siblings: Thomas, Charles, Paul, and Teddy. Thomas is a physician who graduated from the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. Charles is a businessman, and Paul is a musician. Teddy is an artist who lives in France.

Myra Einstein’s Career and Net Worth

Myra Einstein has kept a low profile throughout her life, and there is very little information available about her career or net worth. However, given her family’s background in science, math, and the arts, it is possible that she pursued similar interests.

More About Myra Einstein

Myra’s grandfather, Hans Albert Einstein, was a prominent physicist who made significant contributions to the field of general relativity. He was the oldest son of Albert Einstein, who is considered one of the greatest scientists of the 20th century. Myra’s great-grandparents, Albert Einstein and Mileva Marić, were also renowned physicists who made important discoveries in the field of theoretical physics.

Myra’s family history is certainly impressive, and it is clear that she comes from a lineage of intelligent and accomplished individuals. While we don’t know much about her personal life or career, it is likely that she has inherited some of the same qualities that have made her family so successful.