Michael Beasley Sr is the father of Michael Beasley, a well-known Basketball player. Most people recognize the American celebrity because he plays for the Shanghai Sharks of the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA). You may also know him as the NBA player who consistently makes bad decisions.

Michael Beasley, Sr’s father is John Beasley. Like his son and some other family members, she is an actor. According to reports, John is recognized for starting his acting career at 44 years old.

Unfortunately, Michael’s son gained fame because of his renegade goonish personality. His celebrity status had nothing to do with his prowess on the basketball court. In this piece, you will find the sad truth and juicy details about the life of the NBA player.

Michael is a father of five. He has three sons namely Michael Beaseley Jr, Malik Smith Beasley, and Leroy Ellison Beasley. His daughters are Michaela Beasley and Tiffany Couch Beasley.

Personal Details

Michael Beasley Jr was born on the 9th of January 1989 in Cheverly Maryland, U.S.A. He was born to Michael Beasley SR. and Fatima Smith The professional basketball player’s father is of African American descent.

Michael Beasley is a talented actor. He has appeared in numerous successful movies and TV Shows. You may recognize him for his appearance in Escape at Dannemora. The actor was also in the HBO series, Eastbound, and Down and the Netflix show, Bloodline.

He fully committed to his acting profession in 2005. Since then, he has been in over 65 projects. In his early days, Beasley Sr was a basketball player. However, since discovering his love for acting and theater, he has not played basketball professionally.

About Michael Beasley

As mentioned before, Michael Beasley is a basketball player who plays professionally. He began his NBA journey by playing for Miami Heat after getting drafted in 2008. So far, Michael has been part of six different teams. He currently plays for CBA and is legendary for being among the best scorers on the team.

Michael was a collegiate athlete at Kansas State University. He attended and played for the school before quitting after one year.

None of Michael’s remarkable accomplishments can counter his off-court demeanor and immature activities. According to reports, the NBA player values marijuana more than his professional profile. What is supposed to be his professional profile is filled with funny bloopers and packages of weed, regular visits with the police, and a horrible reputation.

Beasley Sr’s Take on Michael’s Reputation

According to reports, Michael Sr is gravely concerned about his son. He opened up about the troubles that the NBA player is going through. He said that whatever Michael Beasley is facing is not a joke, but rather some serious mental health issues. He reportedly added that Michael’s current job is taking a toll on him.

Final Thoughts

Michael Beasley Sr does not disclose a lot about his private life. Due to his low profile, there is not much to talk about in his life.