Marjorie Jane Harrold, a name that once shook the world of journalism, breathed her last on 25th February 2023. She was 78 years old and left behind a legacy that will never be forgotten. Marjorie was born on 23rd July 1944 in Chicago, Illinois, and was the only daughter of Charles and Margaret Harrold.

Early Life

Marjorie grew up in Chicago and completed her education there. She had a passion for writing and storytelling from a very young age. Her parents encouraged her and provided her with all the resources needed to cultivate her skills.

During her teenage years, Marjorie worked as a freelance writer for local newspapers and magazines. Her father worked as a lawyer, while her mother was a professor. Growing up, Marjorie was a bright and curious child who was interested in the world around her. She was an avid reader and loved to write stories and poetry.


After completing her graduation, Marjorie moved to New York City to pursue her career in journalism. She landed her first job at The New York Times as a junior reporter. Soon, her writing style and passion for storytelling caught the attention of her seniors, and she was promoted to the position of senior reporter. During her career at The New York Times, Marjorie covered several important events such as the Watergate Scandal, 9/11 attacks, and the Gulf War.

After spending almost 20 years at The New York Times, Marjorie decided to explore new opportunities and joined The Washington Post. Her stint at The Washington Post was equally successful, and she covered several high-profile stories such as the Monica Lewinsky scandal, the Enron scandal, and the War in Iraq. She retired from The Washington Post in 2009 but continued to write articles for several online news portals.

Personal Life

Marjorie never married and had no children. However, she had several close friends and colleagues who were like family to her. Marjorie was known for her wit, intelligence, and generosity. She loved traveling and had visited several countries during her career.


Marjorie had several relationships throughout her life, but none of them lasted long. She was fiercely independent and did not want to compromise her career for a relationship. However, she remained on good terms with all her ex-partners and continued to maintain a cordial relationship with them.

Net Worth

Marjorie’s net worth at the time of her death was estimated to be around $10 million. She had earned this fortune through her successful career in journalism and investments in the stock market.


Marjorie was a pioneer in the field of journalism and had inspired several young journalists to pursue their dreams. Her writing style and storytelling techniques were unique and had made her one of the most respected journalists in the world. Marjorie had won several awards and accolades throughout her career, including the Pulitzer Prize for Journalism.

Final Thoughts

Marjorie Jane Harrold’s life was a testament to the fact that hard work, determination, and passion can lead to success. Her legacy will continue to inspire generations to come, and her contributions to the field of journalism will always be remembered.