Lily Hanna Wilson is the celebrity daughter of Christopher Rich Wilson and Eva Halina. Christopher Rich is an American actor. He has earned a huge following of fans, making him a recognized figure in the celebrity world.

Lily Hanna Wilson’s father was first known when he undertook the role of Alexander “Sandy” Cory in the film Another World from 1981 to 1985. Since his first appearance in acting, he has acted in other films making him famous.

Lily Hanna Wilson’s Family

Lily Hanna Wilson’s family consists of five members. Her parents are Eva Halina Rich and the famous American actor Christopher Wilson Rich. Before Lily Hanna Wilson’s father married her mother, he married Nancy Frangione.

Lily Hanna’s father and first wife Frangione were blessed with one daughter, Mariel Rich, Lily Hanna Wilson’s half-sister. When Rich married Lily Hanna’s mother, they were blessed with fraternal twins, Lily and Daisy Rich.

Little information is provided about Lily Hanna Wilson’s siblings, but Lily and her sister Daisy were born in March 2004, making them around eighteen years old. The birthday of their half-siter, Mariel, is not indicated anywhere.

The family seems to be enjoying a private life away from the limelight. However, in 2015, the family amazed their fans when Rich, his wife, and their two daughters were featured in the first two seasons of the Polish series called Zony Hollywood. The series TV based on The Real Housewives franchise featured the family, and Eva, Lily Hanna Wilson’s mother, was one of the stars.

Lily Hanna Wilson’s Father

Christopher Rich Wilson is the father of Lily Hanna Wilson. Christopher Rich Wilson was born in September 1953 in Dallas, Texas, USA, and is a renowned actor famous for his roles in the Tv series Reba, Murphy Brown Sabrina, The Teenage Witch, and Boston Legal.

Lily Hanna Wilson’s father attended school in Rio Grande Valley, where he got his first acting experience. After graduating high school, Lily Hanna’s father joined the University of Texas. Lily Hanna’s father was determined to get higher education and stopped at nothing after his undergraduate degree to get a master’s degree in theatre arts at Cornell University.

Lily Hanna Wilson’s father started acting while he was in school. He then relocated to New York City and started appearing in productions, marking the start of his long journey in acting. After his appearance in Another World from 1981 to 1985, he gained recognition and got more opportunities to act in more films.

Lily Hanna Wilson’s father has been featured in several productions, greatly contributing to his wealth of $1.5 million. Most of his wealth has been contributed by his acting and voice-acting roles.

Lily Hanna Wilson’s Mother

Eva Halina Rich is the mother of Lily Hanna Wilson. Eva was married to Lily Hanna’s father in 2003 after Lily’s father got divorced from his first wife, Nancy Frangione, whom he married between 1982 and 1996.

Eva Halina, Lily Hanna’s mother, is a former Olympic gymnast and Miss Poland finalist Ewa Jesionowska.