Lennox was born on the 15th of March 2016; he has a twin brother named Phoenix Avery Bosh. His parents are Adrienne Bosh and Chris Bosh. He has three other sibling; Jackson who is his older brother, and then his two sisters, Dylan and Trinity. Lennox and his brother Phoenix are often fondly referred to as the Bosh twins.

His Mother

Adrienne Bosh was born in Indiana in the United States on the 17th of April 1985, making her 37 years old today. Her parents are Susan Chatham and Rogelio Vargas. She also has three sisters, Anabel, Rachel, and Analia. They have an extremely mixed ethnicity with their mother having three different ethnicities and her father although he only has one ethnicity it’s different from all three of their mothers’. Their mom is English, Scottish, and German and their father is Venezuelan.

When Adrienne was seven years old, she won her first beauty contest, she was a model by age twelve and took part in gymnastics when she was in high school in Switzerland. She moved to L.A. at the age of seventeen to pursue her dreams, a career in modeling and acting. She realized her dream in 2002 by playing in Three Barbeques and has only gone up from there. She was on celebrity family feud in 2008 and Motor Rising City in 2012.

She also started a gift shop named Sparkle and Shine where she hand-selected all the items that got sold in the store, since they moved to Austin, she has moved the store online and intends to bring women together through the online platform of the store.

She married basketball star Chris Bosh in 2011. The couple is still together despite a horrible rumor, one may even call it a scandal that Lil Wayne had slept with Adrienne in 2013.

His Father

Chris Bosh was born in 1984 on March 24th, his parents are Noel and Frieda Bosh. He was born in Dallas, Texas. He has a younger brother named Joel. When he has in fourth grade in a playground close to his grandmother’s house the process started of a star being born when Chris Bosh started to learn how to properly play basketball which as anyone who knows Chris Bosh would know is his calling.

Chris Bosh has been to the summer Olympics in 2008 where he won a gold medal while playing for the U.S. national team. He was also a five-time NBA All-Star. He played for the Toronto Raptors as well as the Miami Heat team. Sadly, his basketball career got cut short due to his health. He was diagnosed with Venous thrombosis before he played his final game for the NBA in 2016.

Chris Bosh has a daughter from a previous relationship with Allison Mathis but is currently very happily married and enjoying life in Austin with his wife and kids.

Lennox Noel Bosh Net Worth

Lennox at the age of six has a net worth of 20 000 U.S. dollars.