Laura Ciancola is known as the former wife of famous American soccer player, Tim Howard. She was born and raised in Tennessee, but little else is known about her early life.


Laura Ciancola and Tim Howard were married from 2003 to 2012 and have two children together: a daughter named Alivia and a son named Jacob.


Laura Ciancola was first married to Tim Howard, who is widely known for his impressive goalkeeping career. The couple met in 2002 and got married in 2003. However, the marriage ended in 2012, and the reasons behind their separation have not been disclosed.

After her divorce from Tim Howard, Laura Ciancola remarried to Trey Liebenrood in 2013. Unfortunately, there is no information available about him or their married life.

Career and Interests

Laura Ciancola has maintained a low profile and there is no information available about her professional life. It is not clear what she does for a living or if she is currently employed.

As for her interests and hobbies, there is no information available about them either.

More About Laura Ciancola

Laura Ciancola is a private person and has kept her life away from the public eye. Apart from being the former wife of Tim Howard and a mother of two, there is not much known about her personal life, interests, or career.

In conclusion, Laura Ciancola’s life remains largely a mystery to the public, and while she has been associated with some famous people, she has managed to keep her personal life private.