Celebrities always like to shape a clear route for their kids to earn recognition. Moreover, Kalyn LaNae’ Sloan follows the same path. She has attained popularity because of her mother, Renee Baio. On the other hand, this assists the audience, and the media knows about the celebrity kids.

As the title of the article demonstrates, it will put forward all possible information about Kalyn LaNae’ Sloan. Additionally, some crucial segments will also be adjoined about her family members.

Early Life And Family

Kalyn LaNae’ Sloan is the daughter of Mitchell Robinson and Renee Sloan. Scott Baio is Kalyn’s stepfather, whereas Bailey Baio is her half-sister. According to sources, in high school, Kalyn’s mother got pregnant and gave birth to her. But Kalyn’s parents got separated after her mother refused to have an abortion.

Apart from this, nothing more can be accumulated about Kalyn LaNae’ Sloan. No one has any concept about how she spent her childhood or what kind of relationship she has with her stepfather and half-sister.

Kalyn’s Mother And Her Net Worth

Renee Baio is an American actress and television personality. She was born on 24th December 1972 in Tennessee, USA. Beverly Stacy and William Stacy were her parents. Renee has made her childhood memories with her sister, Kimberly.

The audience noticed Renee Baio after she appeared in the television series Baywatch. Nonetheless, she also played a strong character in the crime drama series “Silk Stalkings.” Later in 2000, the audience appreciated her character portrayal in the movie “Nutbag.” Renee Baio is best known for the films like “The Girls Next Door,” “Murder-Set-Pieces,” and many more.

On 14th September 2007, Renee Baio tied the knot with Scott Baio. The couple met each other at the Playboy Mansion in the 1990s. Nevertheless, on 2nd November 2007, Renee gave birth to Scott’s child, Bailey DeLuca Baio. She was born with a metabolic disorder. So to help children with such conditions, her parents founded the Bailey Baio Angel Foundation.

Renee Baio has an appropriate net worth of around 3 million dollars.

Who is Kalyn’s Stepfather?

The famous American actor Scott Baio is Kalyn’s stepfather. He was born on 22nd September 1960 in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, New York, U.S. To complete his primary education, he went to Xaverian High School.

The audience appreciated him for participating in the most famous sitcom series, Happy Days. After this drama, Scott Baio became a notable member of dramas such as All the Kids Do It, Stoned, and many more. Moreover, in the Third Annual Youth in Film Awards for Happy Days, he was felicitated with two Young Artist Awards.

Scott Baio has a total net worth of 7 million dollars.

Kalyn’s Net Worth

No such information can be gathered about Kalyn’s occupation, so it’s difficult to note anything about her total assets. Nonetheless, it will be inappropriate to convey that Kalyn is dependent upon her parents without any proper evidence.


The above segments of the article explain much about who Kalyn LaNae’ Sloan and her family members are. However, the audience has consistently recognized her as Renee Baio’s daughter. Hopefully, it will be enough for people around the globe to have a precise inkling about Kalyn LaNae’ Sloan.