Whether the celebrity kids want it or not they also acquire the attention of the audience. The audience seems very much inquisitive about what they are doing in their lives and how it feels to be the son or daughter of a celebrity. However, to fill up the gap between these two genres of people, the media acts as a catalyst. They convey every possible information about the popular ones to the audience. This time these souls have shown much interest in Roxie J’Amie Pipino. From the first few lines of the blog, it’s quite understandable that everyone wanted to know about her because of her established and famous parents.

This blog is articulated to convey information about who Roxie J’Amie Pipino is and how she leads her life. Along with that, a few lines will also be added about some people related to her.

Personal Life

Roxie J’Amie Pipino is the daughter of Ric Pipino and Jenne Lombardo who was born in November 2005. At present, she is 16 years old and is attending high school. However, it’s not possible to gather much information about what she is currently doing as she confronts the paparazzi too much. On the other hand, neither she nor her parents like to reveal anything about Roxie’s life. Altogether she appreciates living a private life away from tons of involvement.

Roxie’s Father And His Net Worth

Ric Pipino is an established actor and has also served the entertainment industry as a hairstylist. He was born in Sydney, Australia. In 2001 Ric appeared in an American comedy-drama named Zoolander which was directed by Ben Stiller. In this drama, several celebrities made a cameo. This Australian-born hairstylist has provided various stylish and contemporary looks to actors. In 1997 he got married to Heidi Klum and they started their ways in 2002.

Ric Pipino has a net worth of approximately 2 million dollars.

Roxie’s Mother And Her Net Worth

Jenne Lombardo is an entrepreneur and a social media influencer from America. She is best known as a brand consultant. Jenne also runs her own consultancy company named The Terminal Presents. However, in W Hotels she is in the post of Global Fashion Director. Nonetheless, Jenne is the mastermind behind the MAC and Milk partnerships. Along with Keith Baptista and Mazdack Rassi she has also served in MADE.

Apart from being a part of several companies, Jenne has also turned up as one of the most favorable fashion influencers in the present generation. Her fashion sense and the way she has appeared in front of the audience have insisted people admire her from every junction. However, various notable names from the fashion industry are there who wanted to get attached to Jenne for collaboration.

Jenne Lombardo has a net worth of approximately 500 thousand dollars or more than that.

Roxie’s Net Worth

She is a 16-year-old teen who still depends upon her parents for everything she wants in her life. So it will be inappropriate to speak about her net worth at this moment.


Hopefully, just like her parents Roxie will also gain fame and recognition in her field. To know more about such personalities the audience can keep their eyes on this website.