Hydrojetting is a highly effective method of cleaning and unclogging drains, pipes, and sewer lines. It involves using high-pressure water to blast away blockages, grease, and debris accumulated in the plumbing system over time. This article will discuss the benefits of hydrojetting service in Toronto and why it’s a preferred method for drain cleaning.

How Hydrojetting Works

Hydrojetting, also known as high-pressure water jetting, is a much more powerful and thorough method of drain cleaning. It involves using specialized equipment that sprays water at pressures of up to 4000 PSI (pounds per square inch) into your drains and pipes.

The water’s high pressure effectively dislodges and flushes away any blockages, including tree roots, that are clogging your drains. It also scours your pipes’ inner walls, removing any grease and debris buildup.

Benefits of Hydrojetting

Thorough Cleaning

As mentioned earlier, hydrojetting is a much more thorough drain cleaning method than traditional methods. The high-pressure water can reach and clean every nook and


Unlike chemical drain cleaners that contain harmful substances, hydrojetting uses only water for cleaning. This makes it an environmentally friendly option for maintaining your drains and pipes.


While hydrojetting may seem like a more expensive option at first, it can save you money in the long run. By completely removing clogs and buildup, you won’t have to deal with recurring drain issues that may require costly repairs.

Prevents Future Problems

Hydrojetting not only removes current blockages but also prevents future ones from occurring. Thoroughly cleaning your pipes removes any debris that could cause future clogs and backups.

When is Hydrojetting Necessary?

Hydrojetting is recommended for regular drain maintenance, especially if you have a history of recurring clogs or slow drains. It’s also necessary in severe cases where traditional methods cannot clear the blockage.

Hydrojetting is often used as a preventative measure for commercial properties with large plumbing systems prone to frequent clogs.

In summary, hydrojetting is a highly effective and eco-friendly method of drain cleaning. Its thorough cleaning capabilities make it the preferred option for maintaining healthy drains and preventing future problems. So, if you’re dealing with stubborn clogs or want to prevent them from occurring, consider hydrojetting as a solution for your plumbing needs. Book a service today!