Whether you love to be a little bit out there or simply do not want your wedding to be indistinguishable from those of your friends, you might be trying to find ways to make your big day stand out. If that is the case, you have come to the right place, with this guide giving you many ideas that can help your wedding be the loud, bright and surprising occasion you want.

· Get Great Caterers

There is nothing worse than coming home from a wedding starving- or with food poisoning. To ensure that all of your guests leave with full bellies, you should look around for a great catering company that can help keep your guests’ energy levels high throughout the day. However, you should not settle for just any old catering company.

Instead, you should look around for flamboyant options that can provide an array of unusual treats you do not often find at weddings and that your guests will remember for weeks. You should also consider designing an exciting cake, or even choosing a cake in an interesting and revolutionary flavor, that can act as a centerpiece for your wedding table. To find unique catering, you should consider looking at options such as Riverhouse Catering, which might be able to make your wedding the special day that you are determined it will be.

· Choose Interesting Décor

Every wedding that you attend might have white and red roses littering the tables, or you might have opted for a gold and silver color scheme. To stand out from the rest, you should consider looking into interesting décor that is personal to you, and that matches your personality and interests.

For instance, you might decide upon a cottagecore or nautical theme for your wedding, or even theme your wedding around your favorite television show or movie. You might also decide to invest in personalized place cards for your table and strange centerpieces that you adore and that can give your day a bit more pizzazz. By following your heart and simply picking the décor that you think looks great, you are more likely to feel a connection with it and enjoy your big day.

· Opt for Unlikely Entertainment

Everyone has a DJ or a band at their wedding, so why not give your wedding a little bit of a twist? Why not decide to host a wedding-themed murder mystery event, or invest in giant board games for your guests to play? You could even set up a sports area outside where people can try their hand at clay pigeon shooting or other pastimes. Some more options include a photo booth, a silent disco, or even a magician. Alternative entertainment can be perfect for those who are not huge party fans, have a more intimate event, or want to make the reception low-key. This can help to minimize your stress while ensuring that there is an activity for everyone to enjoy, no matter what their interests are.