In men’s fashion, a well-tied tie can make all the difference in your overall look. While there are many tie knots, the key to achieving that perfect, polished appearance starts with selecting the right knot for your shirt collar.

If you’re wearing a cutaway collar shirt, you’re lucky, as it offers a unique canvas for showcasing your tie. In this blog, we will guide you through the steps to knot your tie perfectly with a cutaway collar shirt, ensuring you look sharp and stylish on any occasion.

Understanding the Cutaway Collar

Before we dive into tying your tie, let’s take a moment to understand what a cutaway collar is and why it’s essential when selecting a tie knot. A cutaway collar is characterized by its widespread appearance, which creates a distinct and bold look. This type of collar is often seen as more contemporary and fashion-forward than traditional collar styles. The wide angle of the collar allows for a fuller and more prominent knot, making it an excellent choice for those who want to make a statement with their tie.

Choosing the Right Tie

Selecting the right tie is crucial to creating a well-put-together and stylish look. Ties come in various styles, colors, patterns, and materials; your choice can significantly impact your appearance. Here are some essential considerations when choosing the right tie:

Coordinate with Your Shirt

The tie should complement your shirt, so focus on color coordination. Solid-colored ties work well with patterned shirts, while patterned ties can add interest to solid-colored shirts. Ensure there’s a harmonious color balance between your tie and shirt.

Consider Your Suit or Blazer

If you’re wearing a suit or blazer, consider its color and pattern when selecting a tie. Your tie should harmonize with your jacket and shirt, creating a cohesive ensemble.

Choose the Right Width

The width of your tie should be proportionate to your body and suit. Slim ties are trendy and suit slimmer-cut suits, while broader ties are a classic choice that works well with traditional or more relaxed fits.

Pay Attention to Tie Length

Ensure the tie’s length allows it to reach your belt line when properly tied. A tie that’s too long or short can disrupt your outfit’s overall balance.

Material Matters

The tie material affects both its appearance and formality:

  • Silk ties are a versatile and classic choice for formal occasions. They have a smooth, shiny finish and are available in various colors and patterns.
  • Wool and knit ties are excellent for adding texture to your outfit and are well-suited for casual settings.
  • Linen ties are lightweight and perfect for warm weather, offering a more relaxed look.
  • Cotton ties balance formal and informal and are suitable for various occasions.

Personal Style

Your style and preferences play a significant role in tie selection. Choose a tie that aligns with your taste and makes you feel confident.

Experiment and Accessorize

Feel free to experiment with different tie knots, such as the Windsor, Half-Windsor, or four-in-hand, to achieve various looks. Consider tie accessories like tie bars, pins, or pocket squares to add flair to your ensemble.

Tying the Perfect Knot

Now that you have the right tie for your cutaway collar shirt let’s knot it perfectly. Here’s a step-by-step guide for tying the classic Windsor knot, which complements the cutaway collar beautifully:

Step 1: Drape the Tie

Begin by tying the knot with the wide end on the right and the narrow end on the left. Adjust the length so the wide end is about a foot longer than the narrow one.

Step 2: Cross the Wide End

Cross the wide end over the narrow one, forming an “X” shape below your neck.

Step 3: Wrap Around

Take the wide end behind the narrow end, from right to left.

Step 4: Bring Upward

Wrap the wide end over the front of the knot and bring it upward.

Step 5: Thread Through

Insert the wide end down and behind the loop around your neck.

Step 6: Tighten and Adjust

Hold the narrow end with one hand and slide the knot up with the other. Adjust the knot until it’s snug and centered.

Step 7: Finishing Touch

Tuck the tie’s narrow end into your shirt, ensuring it’s hidden.

Which Tie Knots Work Best With A Cutaway Collar Shirt?

Tie knots that work well with a cutaway collar shirt fill the space created by the wide collar while creating a balanced and stylish appearance. Here are some tie knots that are suitable for cutaway collar shirts:

Half Windsor Knot

The Half Windsor is a versatile knot that pairs nicely with a cutaway collar. It’s medium and adds a polished look without being too bulky.

Windsor Knot (Full Windsor)

Both full and half versions of the Windsor knot can work well with a cutaway collar shirt. It’s an oversized knot that complements the wide collar, creating a bold and elegant appearance.

Four-in-Hand Knot

The four-in-hand knot is more narrow and asymmetrical. It can be a good choice for a less formal or casual look with a cutaway collar shirt.

Prince Albert Knot

This knot is smaller and triangular, making it an excellent choice for cutaway collars as it fits well within the collar’s space.

Kelvin Knot

The Kelvin knot is a smaller knot that works nicely with cutaway collars. It’s compact and adds a touch of elegance without overwhelming the collar.

Nicki Knot

The Nicki knot is another smaller option that pairs well with cutaway collars. It’s simple to tie and looks clean and symmetrical.


Tying the perfect knot in your tie is a skill that improves your overall appearance and confidence. Whether you opt for the classic Windsor knot or the versatile Four-in-Hand, your tie knot choice should harmonize with your shirt collar, suit, and personal style. You can instantly enhance your fashion game and make a lasting impression in any scenario with practice and attention to detail. So, tie up that knot, stand tall, and wear your tie with the poise and flair that truly defines you.