It may not seem like the most essential room in the house, but we keep many things inside the bathroom. From small objects like a toothbrush to larger objects like a hair dryer or towels. How can you manage to keep it all, keep it tidy, and be able to use the bathroom? Here we propose a guide.

How to make your bathroom bigger: some tips

If you have a small space, there are some ways to make it appear more expansive. Yes, some will require you to call a bathroom remodeling company, but others are easy to change. Some options are:

  • Bright colors: the setting will help any room look smaller or bigger. While gray and white are often associated with aseptic rooms, they also help to light up the space. Pale colors and pastels will also make the bathroom feel wider. If this palette does not suit your style and you want more vibrant colors, try matching tones or vivid accessories, such as towels or window frames.

When it comes to floors and vanities, an innovative yet light option is trying wood-like motives.

  • Mirrors: it is known (this is a rule for all rooms, not just the bathroom) that mirrors are an accessible and easy way to enlarge the outlook of any space. They do not have to be extra-large, and you do not have to buy a significant number of them; just a few wisely placed will help any small room look bigger.
  • Storage: there are many ways to make the space you already have more efficient. Some of them are:
    • Floating shelves: you can place them over the toilet (the air above the bathroom is usually an empty one), over the door, or hung on the door (you can also try to insert some little ones inside the cabinet door), or in any wall available. You can install one or a few: this will help you keep your things as a decoration.
    • Under the sink deposit: if you have an elevated sink, the space below it can be used as much as the air above the toilet. In some cases, if you have a low sink, you can elevate it and put some baskets, shelves, or even a vanity (be sure to check the design concerning the storage space it offers) in the extra space. The upper area of the sink can also be used to keep things, just more compact ones: like a toothbrush, soap, or perfume.
    • Wall-mounted: it may seem tiny, but those inches between the traditional cabinet and the wall can be used for other things. If you try a wall-to-wall cabinet (both horizontal or vertical), you can optimize the space to keep all your bathroom things tidy in a stylish way.
    • Niches: it is usual to find this space within the wall next to the bathtub or shower, but it can be easily installed on any wall. Modern and practical, this will give your bathroom a trendy look and help you keep your things ordered and at hand.
    • Storage bench: both a chair and a storage unit, these built-in benches are especially perfect for those who have children and want a space that can hold the scattered toys. They also serve as a comfortable piece for them to sit in.
  • Compact showers: you can find showers that occupy as much as 32 inches wide x 32 inches deep, and you can easily place them in a corner so they do not take up much space. These models are called corner showers. You can close them with sliding doors (some prefer glass ones) or pivotal doors. In the latter case, ensure you have enough space to open the door and move comfortably. You can even go further and not have any doors around your shower.
  • Sink: you found one of the discounts for bathroom remodeling,and you want to modify some items without changing the layout. In this case, the sink is a great option, for you can replace your full-standard-size sink with a small, compact one. Nowadays, corner sinks are a great option to maximize your space without significant changes.
  • Towels: a slim ladder (some call them a storage ladder, which combines nicely with a ladder shelf) can give you a setting to order your towels in a fashionable yet practical way. If you do not have one, you can roll your towels when you store them; that way, you will take up less space.


Little objects, great space-savers

You do not need a large-scale modification to maximize your storage room according to most property management experts. Some small items can easily do the trick. A few examples to keep in mind are:

  • Toilet paper stands: this cabinet has a lower deposit, a gap in the middle to store the toilet paper, and more storage space above it.
  • Tiered stands: if your sink countertop is messy, this item is ideal for keeping all your things: from the heavier ones (they should go at the bottom level) to lighter ones (like cotton, they are better placed on the top level). You can also try some stacked containers.
  • Baskets and bins: a domestic classic, they can help you keep more stuff on the shelves you already have. Bins are also a great way to keep things scattered on the floor in a clean, tidy deposit.
  • Hooks: for towels or robes, bath sponges, or even accessories, they are easy to install and can be placed anywhere.
  • Magnetic strips: losing track of tweezers, nail clippers, and hair pins is easy. A magnetic strip can be added to almost any surface and can hold a lot of little objects.

Make your bathroom neat and comfortable with major redecorations, small items, or in-between changes. Give every room of your house a personal, stylish, and modern touch.