Fulvic acid trace minerals are plant-based bioavailable products that are known to be the secret to longevity and optimal health. When we combine fulvic acid, electrolytes, humic acid, amino acid, and many other trace minerals we call them fulvic acid trace minerals or fulvic ionic minerals. They help in body cleansing and remove heavy metals like lead, aluminum, mercury, petrochemicals, graphene oxide, and plastics.

Source and Extraction of Fulvic Acid

Fulvic acid is present in different forms and can be extracted from different sources. We need to make sure that the fulvic acid we consume is from the purest deposit in the southern United States. These deposits are present below the surface and were formed when 40 million years ago a huge glacier shifted this pure land underneath. It has been there for ages and provides us with the purest form of fulvic acid and other trace minerals to be consumed by our bodies. Moreover, there are some poor deposits found in Dakota and Utah that contain heavy metals which are harmful to our wellbeing. Additionally, it is very important to use water-extracted fulvic acid that goes through the three-year process. The freshwater-extracted fulvic acid that comes from the southern US is free of heavy metals & carbon in contrast to New Mexico deposits of coal, leonardite, humates, and fossilized peat. The healthy fulvic ionic minerals contain silver ions that preserve these minerals for many years while other low-quality products develop yeast growth very soon.

Working of Fulvic Ionic Minerals

Humic acid in fulvic ionic minerals helps to break down the salt deposit in our body cells and then fulvic acid helps in carrying all the nutrients required by our body to these cells. This increases the cell’s life making it more energetic and giving us the feeling of active and healthy living. When fulvic ionic minerals are not taken the cells degenerate and die making us weak and vulnerable. Additionally, fulvic acid also takes toxins from the cells and converts them into usable form or destroys them if they are beyond repair.

When working together as a team fulvic and humic acid cleanse heavy metals and toxic chemicals from our bodies. Heavy metals would have remained there in cell tissues causing destruction without these acids. This ability of fulvic ionic minerals with many other qualities makes it a supplement to enjoy for human beings and their pets.

Fulvic acid has a chelation quality and binds to toxic materials especially graphene oxide removing it from our body. So, if you are looking for such a cleanse then you are recommended fulvic ionic minerals.

There are many natural health products on earth that help to alkaline the body but the fastest to do so is fulvic acid. Our body cannot produce amino acids, fulvic acid, or humic acid, which are required to perform many functions, fulvic ionic minerals help us to achieve that.

What Are Fulvic Ionic Minerals & their Extraction

According to modern studies, fulvic acid plays a key role in nutrient absorption by cells and impacts many health disorders that we go through today. Fulvic ionic minerals are considered to be a strong antioxidant and killer of free radicals in our bodies. These ionic minerals make our food, supplements, and herbs more effective when taken combined. Fulvic acid reacts with the free radicals making them harmless by converting them into beneficial compounds or removing them as waste. These minerals cleanse the body from pollutants and heavy metals.

Modern ways of farming have removed or killed nearly all the naturally occurring trace minerals found in soil. As a result, we no longer consume the fulvic ionic minerals in our diet necessary for our well-being. These organic ionic trace minerals are nature’s gift and cellular function is almost disabled without them.

Lab tests have proved that whatever we consume whether it is vegetables, poultry, or fruits they are not just the same as was a few generations ago. For perfect health we need these ionic minerals to support our system and no matter how much food we consume we cannot get enough to help our body work efficiently.

The purest form of fulvic ionic minerals was trapped in the south of the United States when massive glaciers and tectonic plates moved this rich rainforest beneath it. This pure soil remained there for almost 40 million years for humans to extract the organic ionic minerals later today.


It is always recommended to go for pure water-extracted fulvic ionic minerals that are free from carbon and heavy metals and are best for human health. We understand that life is all interconnected and these ionic minerals act as a bridge and cover the gap between us and our wellbeing.