Those summer months roll around again, and once again the car is excruciatingly hot, the leather seats can’t be sat on, and you have to wait five minutes so that the car air con can cool the car down. If that is the case, then read on as having a front window shade could save you time, and avoid the hassle of a heated car and those possibly 1st-degree burns!

  • Heat Reduction – The most obvious of reasons is that your car will not be as hot. By blocking out the sunlight, you reduce the amount of heat entering your car. This is exacerbated during the summer months of course, and so can help keep the inside of your car cooler and all around more comfortable.
  • Save Your Interior – With all those harmful UV rays entering your car, you can be sure that this will ultimately lead to the deuteriation and fading of your car’s interior. Leather, fabric and plastic are all at risk. By blocking out the sunlight, you are helping preserve the condition of your interior along with the appearance, thus saving you money as you won’t need to reupholster your car every other month! For more information on great car front window shades, take a look here.
  • Energy Savings – Simply by having a front window shade in your car, you can make big savings on your energy consumption. Less heat entering the car means that you won’t be needing to turn the engine on and run your air conditioner, which will lead to less energy use and lower fuel consumption, leaving your wallet or purse, heavier and healthier.
  • Protection for Electronic Devices – We all carry smartphones with us these days, and may possibly take our tablets or laptops with us and leave them in the car from time to time. Imagine the damage that could come to them, if left in your vehicle without any protection at all? Getting a front window shade will prevent direct sunlight from damaging your expensive tech goodies. You won’t regret using one, if it saves your smartphone, and prolongs its life!
  • Privacy – This could apply for when you are in the car, or when your car is parked up. No one likes prying eyes, and a little bit of privacy can go a long way. By using it for privacy, you are adding an extra layer of security, as there may be people out there who would happily try and get at any of the above-mentioned gadgets in your vehicle.

Overall, when weighing up the pros and cons of purchasing a front car window shade, it seems pretty obvious. For not a lot of money, you can protect your vehicle from a number of things, travel with the peace of mind that your vehicle is a little safer with one, and also ensure that the interior of your vehicle will continue looking good for longer.