Touring Europe in your campervan is the best way to experience the wonders of the continent. Why not gather the family together and spend a week or two exploring the beautiful landscapes, taking in the European history and culture you encounter on your way?

Whenever you’re undertaking a trip abroad, you need to take the right precautions, but motorhome insurance is a must when travelling with the kids onboard. Once you’ve got the safety side sorted, it’s time to pick a destination and campsite that keeps the children entertained and the parents relaxed.

Here are some of the most family-family destinations for UK travellers and everything you need to know about arranging your trip together:

Scenic Routes for Family Fun

If you’ve ever wanted to explore Southern Germany, then look no further than the Romantische Strasse (Romantic Road). This route takes you through Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg all the way to the Austrian border.

For something a little warmer and beachier, the Italian Amalfi Coast offers family fun for even the youngest traveller. Enjoy art, culture and some of the best pizza on the planet when exploring southern Italy’s vistas and sandy beaches.

To get away from civilisation and surround yourself with breathtaking natural plains, then Route 1 in Iceland is for you. Offering truly unforgettable views of the country’s many glaciers, fjords and rivers, this 1,300m road nearly encircles the entirety of the island.

Kid-Friendly Campsites and Facilities

When you’re looking for a kid-friendly campsite, you’ll want to make sure there are good restaurants, entertainment, and comfortable facilities onsite. Whether you want a beachside break in the French sunshine or an easy-going campsite that has play areas and onsite restaurants.

Some of the best kid-friendly campsites in Europe are dotted across the continent. These allow you to park up your campervan and provide your family some breathing space to unwind and recharge. The kids can play safely and there will be a friendly spot to enjoy a snack and a drink.

Cultural Exploration for All Ages

Wherever you’re travelling to in Europe, you can expect plenty of historical and cultural enrichment, alongside family-oriented fun. From museums and historical sites to interactive experiences and exhibits, there are many activities suitable for children.

Take an immersive dive into the ancient history of Greece’s Peloponnese or embrace the gastronomic heritage of Portugal. For some lesser-known cultural gems, take a trip to Albania or the eastern European Baltic States of Latvia and Estonia. You’ll find endless cultural sights and unique local traditions.

Outdoor Adventures for the Whole Family

If you’re fitness-focused or a thrill seeker, you might want to choose a destination that offers plenty of opportunity for outdoor adventure. The continent is brimming full of exciting activities, including hiking, coastal bike rides, sailing and more. Simply attach all your equipment to your campervan and away you go.

Some of the best destinations in Europe for surfing include Peniche in Portugal, a small fishing town just outside of Lisbon, and the scenic Spanish town of San Sebastian in the Basque country. For something equally exhilarating but on land, many European mountain bike locations are suited for all the family.