Edmonia Sue is a nurse practitioner and the mother of the former TV star Gary Coleman. Besides Edmonia being known as the former TV star’s mother, there is no other information about her. Life before her marriage has not been captured anywhere but let’s dig more to find other interesting facts about her. Let’s get started!

Edmond Sue’s Son’s Early Life

Gary Coleman, the former TV star, was the son of Edmonia Sue. Gary Coleman was born in 1968 in Zion, Illinois and his parents, Edmonia Sue and W.G Coleman, a pharmaceutical representative. Edmonia Sue’s son Gary Coleman was diagnosed with various illnesses when he was a child, but his parents adopted him despite that.

Edmonia Sue’s son Gary Coleman was diagnosed with some illnesses, including nephritis, a congenital kidney defect requiring several surgeries and life-long dialysis. Edmonia Sue and her husband put all the effort and found funds for their son to get his first kidney transplant when he was five.

Edmonia Sue’s son got another kidney transplant when he was seventeen years, but unfortunately, his medical conditions affected his height, making him permanently stunted at the height of 4 feet 8 inches.

Edmonia Sue’s Son’s Career

Edmonia Sue’s son started his acting career when he was nine. A talent scout discovered Gary Coleman for the Norman Lear agency, searching for actors for the Little Rascals comedy series.

Although the project did not pick up, Coleman’s small stature gave him more opportunities in various productions. In 1978, the actor got the most significant breakthrough when he played the role of Arnold Jackson in Different Strokes. The series was a hit, making Coleman and his co-actors Dana Plato and Todd Bridges famous too.

Edmonia Sue’s son got the breakthrough after the 1978 series and engaged in more projects. As a result of his success, Gary Coleman formed an organization when he was ten years called Gary Coleman Productions to handle his career.

Edmonia Sue and Husband Sued by Son, Gary Coleman

Edmonia Sue and his husband W.G Coleman were the full-time managers of their son’s company that he formed when he was ten. Edmonia Sue and W.G Coleman wrote themselves into the contract as their son’s paid employees.

Gary Coleman’s career drastically slowed down in 1986 when Diff’rent Strokes was cancelled, and he turned to his trust fund. The trust fund was estimated to hold $18 million, but Coleman discovered when he was 18 years that the fund was at $220,000.

The discovery of the missing funds turned into a lawsuit, and he sued his parents and agent for mismanaging and misappropriating his trust fund. Gary Coleman won the case, but he only recovered $3.8 million.

Edmonia Sue’s Son’s Death

Edmonia Sue’s on made headlines as a result of his failing health. While on the set of The Insider on February 26 2010, he suffered a seizure. Later that year, he was admitted to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center after falling in his home. Coleman passed away on May 28 2010, at the age of 42.