A studio apartment is an elegant way to live alone and a cozy arrangement for a couple. Studio apartments are exceedingly popular in urban neighborhoods because they offer an enjoyable balance of cost-saving efficiency and immersion in city life. One of the most charming things about these tidy floor plans is the many creative ways that people find to furnish and decorate a small space.

Stackable, fold-away, and nesting furniture can help create a space that transforms based on the needs and daily activities of residents, from wheeled chairs to multipurpose dining sets. One of the best ways to enhance the versatile design of your studio apartment is with a stylish Murphy bed by Bestar.

Why Murphy Beds for Studio Apartments

Murphy beds are fold-out beds which extend from a cabinet that is the full size of the mattress. You can flip your bed up and away with the covers still on. Where there was once a bed with an elegant headboard will transform into a tall, stately yet understated cabinet and an entire bed of floor space will open up for daily activities. For studio apartment residents that long for a little extra room to exercise, craft, or even enjoy a home office, the simple solution of a Murphy bed makes this easily possible.

Bestar Murphy beds offer a superior sleeping and daytime experience by optimizing both the bed’s comfortable and easy-to-use design with sleek cabinetry that is attractive in any setting when the bed is folded away. Each Murphy bed features a durable steel wall bed frame with a dual-mounted mechanism attached to the wall and floor to enhance stability and durability. The dual piston system provides for smooth and easy movement of the bed, while the flexible slats below the mattress provide optimal comfort as they absorb pressure and follow the curves of your body as you sleep.

Choosing the Right Murphy Bed for You

When it comes to choosing a bed for your studio apartment, both comfort and style are your top priorities. At Bestar, you can find Full- and Queen-sized Murphy beds in a variety of styles, providing a selection to best match your personal decor themes and preferences. At the heart of each bed design is the cabinetry which hides the bed.

Each cabinet design and finish lends to a different ambiance, designed to blend in with different styles depending on the room decor. If you’re looking for minimalism, you can find wall bed cabinets in neutral finishes, like white or gray, with sleek metal pulls. For a more classic and elegant look, you can choose a cabinet in natural wood grain finishes or with attractive crown moldings that will blend in with your home furniture. For modern chic, we have striking two-toned bed cabinets with metal handles.

Optimizing Your Space with Storage Solutions

In a studio apartment, storage is everything. In addition to the bed cabinet, an elegant Bestar Murphy bed comes with complementary storage solutions to make your wall bed even more convenient.

There are many different attached shelf options to choose from, including drawers, cabinets, open shelves, and every possible combination. You can enclose your wardrobe neatly beside your bed or finally create the perfect space for your personal library. If you’re pressed for storage space in the apartment, cabinets flanking your bed are a very efficient place to store your personal items.

Choosing Multifunctional Furniture

In fact, the versatility doesn’t stop there. Bestar Murphy bed design also includes cool features like multifunctional furniture that can fold in and out just like the bed, or along with the bed, based on how you want to use your studio apartment space each day.

If you want to turn your bedroom space into a home office during the day, you can. In one design, the closed cabinet reveals a small laptop desk. In another, a fold-out desk can be extended from the side shelf of your Murphy bed.

If you desire more living room space to relax with friends, there is a Murphy bed available that folds upward to reveal a medium-sized couch. With a rug and a few mobile chairs, you can easily arrange your studio apartment bedroom space into an extended sitting room.

Paying Attention to Colors and Lighting

One of the advantages of choosing a Bestar Murphy bed is the selection of colors and finishes. You can use these to ensure the decorative style throughout your studio apartment is continuous and helps to enhance your sense of space.

Bestar finishes vary for each model. You can choose between multiple finish options. Lighter finishes are warm and bright, making your space feel larger, while dark finishes are best for a moody and dramatic decor style. This can make it easy to match the mood and style of your home.

Carefully choose your furniture, accessories, and paint colors to make your space feel larger and more airy or cozily moody depending on what is most comfortable and matches with your personal style.

Adding Your Personal Touch with Decor

Of course, the final touch comes when you decorate the display shelves of your new Murphy bed. Open shelves are a fantastic opportunity not just for storage, but also for decoration. Placing your books, sculptures, trophies, and more in the open shelves that flank your bed will create both a welcoming and beautiful sleeping space and a stylish decor.

Create a cohesive look in your studio apartment by choosing furniture and accessories that complement your Murphy bed’s style. Make your space truly feel like home with the right selection of bedding and throw pillows for a cozy bedroom design.

If you are looking for the best bed for a studio apartment, consider the advantages of a Murphy bed by Bestar. With a wide range of styles, storage, and versatile furniture add-ons to choose from, you can truly get the most from your tidy studio apartment floor plan and enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep.