Having children is one of life’s greatest joys and greatest responsibilities. You want everything to be perfect for your children throughout their lives, and will do anything in your power to make it happen, so intense is your love for them! It’s thrilling to watch them grow, and you will be growing along with them as you adapt to their ever-changing abilities and needs. One of the most enjoyable tasks you will have is designing their bedroom, it’s the one space in the house they will feel is their very own, and will be where they spend much of their early life. We have assembled some tips to help you make your children’s bedroom something really special, the perfect place for them to be themselves.

The Beds – Assuming you have one child, a single bed that isn’t too high off the ground is ideal. We prefer beds that sit directly on the floor, they are more stable and provide no safe haven for monsters to lurk under. if you have two children close in age, or even better were blessed with twins, then you need Bunk bed by Tomato Kidz, which come with extra shelves and drawers built right in! When it comes to the eternal argument over who gets which bunk, it might be best to make a weekly rotation schedule to keep the peace. Push beds up against a blank wall and out of the way so they have more open floor space, and you want the window to be free for them to play under so they can soak up that wonderful sunshine.

The Closet – Always make sure the closet has a light inside of it that can be turned on from outside the doors as a precaution against monsters (they had to go somewhere since there’s no room under the bed!) If the closet is large enough, consider putting the dresser in there so it doesn’t take up so much open space that kids love to play on. A dresser is not only great for storing clothes, you can keep extra blankets, sheets, and pillowcases in there as well for easy access. We like to keep the bottom drawer free for favourite toys!

Lights -It is very important that children have some control over their lighting. You need to have some kind of a light fixture with a switch right next to the bed within easy reach to make them feel secure. Small children should have a cheerful night light, monsters hate those things!

Toy Storage – We love old-fashioned toy chests with a cushioned seat built onto the lid so it can double as a comfy bench! Larger toys will need a properly sized shelf to accommodate them, but not too high, or small children may try to climb up it to get to an out-of-reach toy an adult unthinkingly placed there and suffer a fall! Parents must imagine they are small again as they design the bedroom, plus it’s fun because you can pretend to be a kid again yourself. By the way, it’s perfectly OK to play with your children’s toys, just call it quality testing!

Congratulations on being a parent, let the fun begin!